On Tuesdays, I have to be at work by 7:30am for early appointments and to supervise allergen immunotherapy.  Most of the time, that ends up on either end of the sunrise and dawn but, twice a year, I manage to cross Lafayette Street at just the right time.  This year, I had been keeping my eye on the trees that line the rail trail and Salem Harbor waiting for them to show some signs of changing color.  The color seemed to come on this week and I decided to head back at some point to capture it.

When Tuesday rolled around, I left the house a bit early and stopped along Lafayette with camera and tripod in hand.  The tide was high and the clouds just plentiful enough to make for a great scene.  I tried various compositions with and without a circular polarizer (to accentuate the reflections in the calm water) and this was my favorite.  You can just make out the color in the leaves in the foreground and as the eye moves into the scene.  The light and reflections in the water complete the calm Fall-like view.

As it turned out, I returned to Lafayette street on the same day for sunset and captured a nice image pointing the other direction toward the Y.  I will be posting that one tonight at 7pm – just seemed like a unique opportunity to share the dawn and sunset images from a single day.