On June 2, 2014, I chased the evening colors out toward Rockett Landing before circling back towards Fort Sewall.  This familiar pier/float was the location for numerous sunrise and sunset shoots when we lived on Willow Road upon first moving to Marblehead in 2008.  The spot serves as a tie up for dinghies, a place to unload a boat and rinse it off or take a launch service out to moored boats in Salem harbor.

On this night, I had the run of Rockett Landing and shot several compositions as the sun dipped below the horizon and illuminated the evening sky.  As I headed back up to the car, I stopped to capture this sunset reflection in the still waters of the harbor.  While I would normally try to keep the horizon away from the middle of the frame, with the water acting as a mirror, it allowed me to keep the horizon centered and help accentuate the reflected light.