Salem Harbor

Sunset Reflection at Rockett Landing

On June 2, 2014, I chased the evening colors out toward Rockett Landing before circling back towards Fort Sewall.  This familiar pier/float was the location for numerous sunrise and sunset shoots when we lived on Willow Road upon first moving to Marblehead in 2008.  The spot serves as a tie up for dinghies, a place to unload a boat and rinse it off or take a launch service out to moored boats in Salem harbor. On this night, I had the run of Rockett Landing and shot several compositions as the sun dipped below the horizon and illuminated the evening sky.  As I headed back [...]

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Marblehead at the End of the Rainbow

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, as my family and I drove into Marblehead on this Friday night, we witnessed an incredibly vibrant rainbow from our vantage point on Lafayette Street.  I quickly got out of the car and grabbed the camera and tripod I had thankfully stowed in the trunk earlier that day.  With the rainbow so clearly formed, it appeared as they it had one end firmly in Marblehead (and, specifically, the Cliffs area). I especially liked the golden light that can be seen 'within' the rainbow produced by the golden light of the sun lowering to the horizon. [...]

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First Sunset in Marblehead

I decided to go back to the depths of the archive this week and share some of my oldest images that have yet to see the light of day.  This image was taken within days of our moving to Marblehead in May 2008 and is the very first sunset in Marblehead that I captured. Little did I know that in 7 short years, this small project would turn into a website, prints, books, booths at the Farmer's market and (soon) Artisans' Marketplace. What a long great trip it's been ;-)

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Pier to Nowhere

Has it really been three years since the new Stramski pier was built and, yet, it remains unused? I captured the newly built pier in May 2012 but a number of issues have delayed its opening to date.  I'm hoping the pier can finally open to the public this season...

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Naugus Head from the Water

I shared an image last Friday taken from the waters around Marblehead while cruising on a friend's boat.  This image of Naugus Head was captured shortly after we left the mooring in Salem Harbor. As we headed out, the sun was starting to dip lower in the sky and was producing some great warm light on Marblehead as we passed near the shore.  The view from the water offered me vantage points I had never experienced before and, when we reached Naugus Head, the combination of warm light, calm waters and the houses peeking out from the canopy of trees [...]

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Dawn Lights up the Foliage in Salem Harbor

On Tuesdays, I have to be at work by 7:30am for early appointments and to supervise allergen immunotherapy.  Most of the time, that ends up on either end of the sunrise and dawn but, twice a year, I manage to cross Lafayette Street at just the right time.  This year, I had been keeping my eye on the trees that line the rail trail and Salem Harbor waiting for them to show some signs of changing color.  The color seemed to come on this week and I decided to head back at some point to capture it. When Tuesday rolled [...]

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30 Minute Tie Up at Rockett Landing

Back to the archive for this image taken in April 2011.  At the time, we were renting an apartment off Village Street so this spot had become a favorite from which to shoot the sunset.  I could look out our window to check conditions and then make a mad dash down the hill to try to capture some of the beautiful sunsets that would take shape over the waters of Salem harbor from this spot at Rockett Landing. This particular image sat in the queue but never seemed to be good enough to warrant a share.  I spent about an [...]

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Village Street Launch and Nonantum Road at Sunset

We moved to Marblehead from Washington, DC in May 2008 and rented a house off Village Street.  I quickly became mesmerized by the incredible sunsets that developed over Salem harbor each and every night.  On this particular warm May day, I saw the colors develop and quickly ran down the hill.  I set up on the edge of the launch and took this image of the houses of Nonantum Road draped in that golden light.

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The Island in the Harbor

On Friday, October 21st, I drove past this island which sits on the border between Salem and Marblehead in the harbor and noted that it had seemed to reach peak color for the Fall.  I had been scouting this island for years hoping but failing to catch it at its peak last year.  Luckily, I had been carrying my camera gear in my trunk on a daily basis that week and, even more so, I was able to finish up work at 4pm and get back in time for sunset.  I tried a number of angles from different vantage points [...]

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Foggy Morning over Salem Harbor

So technically this is just on the outskirts of Marblehead as you cross into Salem. I had been meaning to capture this area for a while but could never get all the elements in place…until today. Nice subdued light, bit of fog off the water and little to no wind to ruin the reflections. Technical: Canon 50D and 70-200 f/4 IS. 5 bracket HDR by 1 exposure steps

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