A fun shot to end the week and another from a photo shoot during high tide on Friday, January 3rd after a storm departed Marblehead.  When I arrived at The Landing, I was shocked at how high the water in Marblehead Harbor had risen.  The boats looked like they might have floated onto the small parking lot if not tethered to their moorings.

I made my way over to where the lobster boats are loaded and unloaded and was equally surprised to see ocean water coming up through the grates with the occasional waves in the harbor.  I set up by balancing on a concrete ledge and then crouching low to avoid the overhead wires.  As soon as I heard the wave approaching, I started shooting and came away with this one of water flooding up from below.  The small ‘house’ in the foreground and nice light over the distant boats completed the scene.

Enjoy the weekend!


The Landing from Eyal Oren on Vimeo.