It’s been a while since I last shared an image on ‘From the Rooftops Thursday’ and thought I would kick things off again with one taken yesterday that I am very proud of.

I had been meaning to shoot from the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion for quite some time but felt that the shot needed to be taken during the Winter parking ban for full effect and without snow on the ground.  Between those requirements and timing, a year and a half passed from my first thoughts of shooting from the top of the Lee Mansion to yesterday’s morning climb to the cupola.

I was met on this morning by Pam Peterson, the Director of the Marblehead Museum, who generously offered to meet me in the early hours of Wednesday morning to capture the views from this perch above Washington Street.  As luck would have it, the predictions for clear skies were wrong and I was treated to some nice clouds to add some interest to the morning sky.

I ended up shooting from multiple vantage points from within the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion and, near the end of my time up there, found this perfect spot from which I was able to capture three successive images looking out the expansive windows at Marblehead’s historic Downtown and the empty harbor beyond.  I originally planned to share each image individually but this triptych offered a much richer view and better matched the feeling of witnessing morning light from this perfect vantage point.