Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Christmas in the Cupola

It's a bit late for a Christmas post but when I received a message about a beautiful Christmas tree in the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee mansion, I knew I had to find a way to capture it before it was taken down. I arrived on Washington Street prepared with all of my lenses as well as the drone imagining the angles I might have to play with to capture the tree. I started with the drone and lucked out with some nice winter light on Abbot Hall to get the shoot off to a nice start. From there I [...]

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Looking Down on Historic Downtown Marblehead

As I flew over historic downtown Marblehead on the Wednesday morning after a blizzard, I couldn't help but stop at the intersection of Washington and Hooper to take in the view.  I had an image of St Michaels steeple in mind from this intersection but, with a slight adjustment, was able to take in the Lee Mansion, St Michaels, Grace and numerous examples of classic architecture from this one spot in the sky. The gentle curve of Washington Street and the stark contrast between the black asphalt of the road and undisturbed snow from the blizzard made for a perfect [...]

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Jeremiah Lee Mansion at Dawn

The Jeremiah Lee Mansion has been featured on this site a number of times but I found this shot from last December that hadn't yet seen the light of day.  Each year as the parking ban goes into effect, I make it a point to visit historic downtown Marblehead and capture images of the empty streets much as they appeared for hundreds of years. On this particular morning, I found a new composition for this old building as I discovered that St. Michael's steeple could be seen just to the left of the building behind the branches of a nearby [...]

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Marblehead – A Model New England Town

In late November 2014, as Abbot Hall tower was nearing the end of its much needed repairs, I was invited atop the scaffolding to help document the work that was taking place.  With a perfect vantage point from which to capture images of historic downtown and the harbor, I couldn't help but shoot the nearly endless compositions that presented themselves. For this shot, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and introduce a selective focus (much like one would get with a tilt-shift lens).  The result accentuates the effect of shooting from above and transforms Marblehead into [...]

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Through the Gate of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

On Monday, I shared an image of Abbot Hall taken from the Jeremiah Lee Mansion and had mentioned that the cherry blossom tree had yet to bloom.  I noted that the photo might be very different with that element.  On Tuesday morning, I woke at sunrise and hoped to replicate the image (I scouted the tree the night before and was pleased to find it in full bloom). I set up the tripod and camera in the same spot as before and waited for the light.  Unfortunately, the forecast for partially cloudy skies was wrong and much thicker clouds blocked [...]

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From the Rooftops – Bank Square and Marblehead Harbor

Time for another entry in the 'From the Rooftops Thursday' theme and back to the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion.  For this image, I decided to move the camera as close to the window as possible and compose an image of Bank Square seen below and Marblehead Harbor beyond with the sun's light diffused by a large cloud.  This is how my eyes took in the scene and how I envisioned it but for technical reasons, the image needed to be composed of two shots with different focus points. A bit on the technical aspects of the image: This [...]

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From the Rooftops – Hidden Window at Jeremiah Lee Mansion

It's back to the Jeremiah Lee Mansion for today's From the Rooftops entry.  I had finished capturing images from the cupola atop the mansion and descended the stairs when I looked behind me and saw light peeking through a window.  The area I entered was a bit bigger than a crawl space and served as the attic for the old building.  I ducked under a few beams and found myself standing before this semicircular window overlooking the shops along Washington Street. Hope you enjoy the view from an early morning in April from this hidden window at the Jeremiah Lee [...]

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Abbot Hall from Atop the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Back to From the Rooftops Thursday and my trip to the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion.  Though the area is small, the 360 degree view through beautiful windows made for a number of photo opportunities. This image comes from a shot through the middle of one window facing back up Washington Street.  I had to use a technique called focus stacking to combine two images focused on the wood panel and then Abbot Hall in the distance in order to have both perfectly focused in the final image. A few more images from this unique location yet to come...

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Abbot Hall from the Cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Another entry in the resurrected From the Rooftops Thursday comes from my photo shoot on the morning of April 9.  After capturing the view of Washington Street, Marblehead Harbor and Marblehead Light through the three panes looking to the east, I crossed the small cupola and composed this image. I was thankful that the scaffolding had not yet gone up on Abbot Hall tower and that I could capture this view of the homes along Washington Street leading up toward that iconic structure. Now that the weather is (slowly) warming, I'll be on the hunt for more rooftop views.  If [...]

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From the Rooftops – The Cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

It's been a while since I last shared an image on 'From the Rooftops Thursday' and thought I would kick things off again with one taken yesterday that I am very proud of. I had been meaning to shoot from the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion for quite some time but felt that the shot needed to be taken during the Winter parking ban for full effect and without snow on the ground.  Between those requirements and timing, a year and a half passed from my first thoughts of shooting from the top of the Lee Mansion to yesterday's [...]

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