From the Cupola on Harbor Avenue

I've had the opportunity on several occasions over the past few years to capture a particular view of a Marblehead house or boat in Marblehead harbor.  These commissioned house or boat portraits have come to me from 'Headers who have reluctantly decided to move out of town or as presents for children who had a favorite memory of growing up in this incredible town. Last week, I was able to realize my latest commissioned portrait from this cupola on Harbor Avenue.  I had met the owner a few weeks previously and we had spoken about her selling the family home of [...]

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The Cupola of Grace Community Church

I was fortunate to welcome 2016 from atop St. Michael's new steeple and come away with several images from this unique location.  I've shared a few looking out towards the harbor and looking down Hooper Street. As dawn's light broke free of the thick clouds near the horizon, the cupola of Grace Community Church was illuminated briefly.  I quickly switched to a vertical orientation and captured this close up view of the cupola with soft light in the distance.

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From the Rooftops – Bank Square and Marblehead Harbor

Time for another entry in the 'From the Rooftops Thursday' theme and back to the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion.  For this image, I decided to move the camera as close to the window as possible and compose an image of Bank Square seen below and Marblehead Harbor beyond with the sun's light diffused by a large cloud.  This is how my eyes took in the scene and how I envisioned it but for technical reasons, the image needed to be composed of two shots with different focus points. A bit on the technical aspects of the image: This [...]

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Abbot Hall from the Cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Another entry in the resurrected From the Rooftops Thursday comes from my photo shoot on the morning of April 9.  After capturing the view of Washington Street, Marblehead Harbor and Marblehead Light through the three panes looking to the east, I crossed the small cupola and composed this image. I was thankful that the scaffolding had not yet gone up on Abbot Hall tower and that I could capture this view of the homes along Washington Street leading up toward that iconic structure. Now that the weather is (slowly) warming, I'll be on the hunt for more rooftop views.  If [...]

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From the Rooftops – The Cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

It's been a while since I last shared an image on 'From the Rooftops Thursday' and thought I would kick things off again with one taken yesterday that I am very proud of. I had been meaning to shoot from the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion for quite some time but felt that the shot needed to be taken during the Winter parking ban for full effect and without snow on the ground.  Between those requirements and timing, a year and a half passed from my first thoughts of shooting from the top of the Lee Mansion to yesterday's [...]

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From the Rooftops – the Cupola of Old North Church

I hope you are not tiring of these rooftop views courtesy of the Old North Church.  I had such an incredible time that morning and get to relive it each time I share another image from that adventure.  When Rhod and I first ventured up before sunrise, we went straight to the cupola and found that the windows had frosted overnight.  This was almost the end to our outing but Rhod managed a MacGyver-esque save that got us an even better view. While he worked with a flashlight and scissors a floor below, I got to work shooting the interior [...]

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