On Wednesday, June 17, I was invited to a home with a widow’s walk located on Marblehead Neck.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to reignite the dormant ‘From the Rooftops’ series that typically appears on Thursday.  Since my last outing at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, the opportunities seemed to have dried up.

I drove over the causeway and marveled at the clouds forming on what would end up being a near-90 degree day.  I was welcomed into the home and we made our way to the rooftop widow’s walk.

The view was incredible and the breeze refreshing (did I mention how hot it was?).  The only problem was that my ideal shot would include Abbot Hall whose tower was draped in red and surrounded by scaffolding.  I decided to go to plan B and use my new infrared modified camera to take advantage of the plentiful foliage surrounding the house and the clouds in the sky that would make for a great contrast.

I ended up with a number of images from this brief outing but this one was an instant favorite.  I had peeked over the side of the house after capturing views of the harbor and saw this yellow house nestled in what looked for all the world like the middle of some woods. I changed the camera to a vertical orientation and captured this image of a beautiful house surrounded by brilliant foliage (made more so by the infrared camera) and set under a picture perfect sky.

That old lyric came to mind ‘over the river and through the woods’ and the title quickly followed.  You would be hard pressed to name Marblehead Neck as the location for this house based on this image but that is what makes this project so fun and the tagline for the site so appropriate – An Exploration of the Beauty of Marblehead, Massachusetts.