Bridge over the Trail – Infrared Black and White

In 2014, I had my older Canon camera modified to allow me to capture images in infrared. On June 15, 2014, I decided to bike the rail trail looking for images to capture as the infrared filter makes foliage a bright white and turns blue skies nearly black. I stopped at this fork in the road with the uphill path to the left leading up to Village street and the bridge beyond showing that road.

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Cherry Blossoms in Infrared

As the calendar turns to April, I have started to look past the left over snow and forward to the coming spring. In my mind, nothing says spring like cherry blossoms in full bloom and that thought brought me to this infrared image of the Harris Street Cemetery cherry blossoms from 2014. I had converted my old Canon camera to shoot infrared when I upgraded to a full frame one. The infrared modification allowed me to capture brilliant foliage that showed as bright white against light pink grass and bluish sky. For the past few years, this crop of cherry [...]

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The Grandstand at Seaside Park

In May 2014, I was still getting the hang of capturing these black and white infrared images when I drove by Seaside Park and had to stop and take a few shots.  I had quickly learned that foliage against blue skies made for a great combination in infrared and this scene before me offered the best of both. Though the bases had not yet been placed in position, the grandstand at Seaside Park stood perfectly centered in its dark wood color amidst a sea of foliage that shone white in this final image.  The grass similarly glowed and was broken [...]

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Leaves Aglow in Doliber’s Cove

In 2014, I sent my older camera to be modified so that it could shoot infrared images.  The benefit of this is that foliage reflects infrared while a deep blue sky (and ocean) absorbs this wavelength of light.  Once the infrared images are converted to black and white, the result can be a dramatic image that is not possible to achieve with an unmodified camera. For a while, I was shooting more black and white and sharing those images quite regularly.  It was only when I dove into my archive that I found a collection of infrared black and white [...]

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Under the Bridge

Another converted infrared image from a bike ride around town on June 15, 2014.  This image was taken 30 minutes before the one at Redd's Pond as I made my way along the rail trail towards downtown. I've shot from under this bridge previously but, this time, was interested in the effect that infrared would have in highlighting the foliage along the trail and some of the graffiti below the bridge. Can't wait for the weather to warm up and all the snow to melt so that I can head out on my bike again.

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Sailboats at Redds Pond

Continuing this week's theme of black and white images of Marblehead comes this scene from Redd's Pond captured on June 15, 2014.  I had been out capturing images using my old dSLR converted to shoot in infrared and had happened upon a few sailboats at Redd's Pond. The infrared image serves to accentuate the foliage in the trees and sails on the boats while pushing the blue sky and water towards deeper shades of black when converted to black and white. You can see other black and white images in this gallery:

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The Road to Tedesco

  In early April 2014, I received my modified Canon 50D from a shop specializing in infrared photography.  They added a filter in front of the camera's sensor that only let infrared light in.  As green objects reflect a lot of infrared and blue absorbs a significant amount, a black and white infrared image features dark black skies and brilliant white grass and foliage. With this in mind, my very first stop was the Tedesco Country Club.  I stopped here and found a composition with the road to Tedesco passing a beautiful crop of trees.  The end result was exactly what [...]

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Infrared Marblehead – Stand Up Paddle in Little Harbor

I haven't shared an infrared image of Marblehead in some time and thought I would go with this one to finish off the week.  In mid-June, I had taken to my bicycle with only the infrared camera in hand to capture images of Marblehead in this unique light.  The conditions were perfect with deep blue skies and big white cumulus clouds that I knew would translate well into black and white images. At one point I had made my way to Fountain Park and found this clearing in the trees from which I could see Little Harbor in the mid-ground [...]

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Black Joe’s Pond in Infrared

Thought I would end the week with this image of Black Joe's Pond taken with the aid of a modified dSLR.  The camera was adjusted so that it would record infrared light.  The result is that foliage appears bright and the sky and water are rendered quite dark.  When converted to black and white, the effect is even more dramatic. The only problem with choosing black and white for this image is that the red house at the far end of Black Joe's pond seemed to disappear.  I decided to selectively restore the color there to it's natural red.

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Infrared Marblehead – Along the Rail Trail

I haven't shared an infrared black and white image of Marblehead in some time and figured it would be a nice change of pace from the recent sunsets. In mid-June I went out on a bike ride around town with my modified infrared camera and found perfect conditions for capturing infrared images of Marblehead.  This image comes from the start of the bike ride when I found a great tree trunk bent at a funny angle along the Rail Trail.  The beauty of infrared is found when capturing foliage and seeing the leaves take center stage with brilliant whites.  The [...]

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