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Setting Sail

I don't recall the last time I captured an image intending to convert it to black and white. As I captured boats racing on Sunday inside Marblehead Harbor, I had to wait for the sun to poke through clouds. It illuminated both boats and the backdrop most of the time but, during one stretch, the light seemed focused on the boats while Abbot Hall was left in relative darkness under ominous clouds. With light playing center stage in this image, I did not want the colorful sails to distract the viewers eye and so I converted the color image to [...]

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Fog on the Harbor

Last Monday evening, fog developed in Marblehead ahead of a warm front. I had an idea in mind for the drone that would only work with patchy fog concentrated around the harbor. I had checked out conditions by flying my drone straight up over my house and noticed that conditions seemed to be perfect and promptly headed out to Devereux Beach. I arrived to find patchy fog overhead and flew my drone up above the fog which took on the appearance of cloud cover. I explored different compositions with the unique effect of fog on the harbor creating the illusion [...]

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Classic Photos at the Carnival

This year's Marblehead high school carnival at Devereux Beach took place under the best conditions in at least the past ten years (since we moved to town).  While the near-perfect weather meant for busy days and nights for kids in town, it meant far less interesting photo opportunities than I've had in years past.  Without puddles for reflections or fog to create a compelling mood, I had about given up on any photos this year. On Saturday afternoon, I headed to the carnival where my son and daughter were hanging out with friends (now too old to hang with dad). [...]

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The Road Curves

As small as Marblehead is, it still amazes me when I notice small scenes that seem like they belong somewhere else rather than in this New England town. This black and white image of the canopy of snow covered trees was captured on the same day as yesterday's shot of Old Town House. I had driven up towards Beacon Street after exploring downtown Marblehead and parked my car facing this section where the road curves and climbs a small hill under a canopy of trees. The scene would be as likely in Vermont or Colorado as steps away from Grace [...]

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A River Runs Through It

This is just about the exact opposite of yesterday's image of Abbot Hall with brilliant red foliage.  I had gone out for a second time at 5:00pm hoping the early evening light would help with what little foliage was to be found.  I flew my Phantom 4 Pro out from Riverhead Beach to mid-harbor and then came back and over the causeway headed for Goldthwait Reservation.  I wondered what a direct aerial image of the marsh might look like and was not disappointed with the views. I flew over the marsh for a while exploring the patterns below.  From above, [...]

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Weathered by Time

I captured today's image at the end of June but have been staring at the color version of it for a while wondering why I hadn't bothered to share it.  Last week, as I converted another image to black and white, I decided to do the same with this image of a tree weathered by time and flanked by benches on Chandler Hovey Park.  The black and white served to accentuate the textures in the tree, bench and sky while helping with the too bright light of this pre-sunset image.

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Walking in Marblehead

On Thursday, August 3rd, I rushed back to Marblehead from my office to take part in my very first Marblehead Walking Tour with Bette Hunt.  Though I have lived in Marblehead since 2008 and have met Bette Hunt on a few occasions, the timing of her walking tours never quite matched up with my schedule.  As this was the last one of the Summer season, I made it a point to get there on time. We started in front of the Jeremiah Lee mansion and then walked as a group down Hooper Street, through Crocker Park and along Front Street. [...]

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Best of Show – Marblehead Festival of Arts

I am thrilled and humbled to announce that one of my entries 'In a Fog on State Street' has been awarded Best of Show at the 2017 Marblehead Festival of Arts.  Both this image and 'Light Dawns on Marblehead' will be on display at Old Town House beginning on Friday, June 30th after the awards ceremony at Abbot Hall.  The photography display ends on Tuesday, July 4th. This year's entry was the third in a series of black and white fog landscapes in Marblehead that began with 'A Walk in the Fog' which won Best of Show at the 2012 [...]

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Milky Water and the Lights of the Causeway

It's 'Marblehead Causeway' week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  Since we are firmly in 'stick season' in between the beauty of Winter and the warmth of Spring, I thought I would visit my 'to be posted' archive and decided to share five very different images of our causeway. Today's image comes from May 2012 and a time when I was exploring long exposure images and doing much more black and white work.  This one combined both having been shot on the Neck side of the causeway looking back toward Riverhead beach.  The 20 second exposure smoothed the water of the harbor [...]

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The Shores of Chandler Hovey

As I looked through the archive to find yesterday's image of a warm Summer sunset, I couldn't help finding enough images to fill this week's posts.  As my full time job as an Allergist hits its busiest week with birch and oak pollen likely to hit seasonal highs, I thought I would continue with images from the archives and resign myself to leaving the camera in the bag this week. Today's image comes from May 2012 and a visit to Chandler Hovey Park on a foggy day.  I had been shooting a lot of long exposure images and decided to [...]

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