On Tuesday, June 17, I headed out of the house at 7:30pm to chase after some promising clouds and hoped for a solid sunset.  I knew that I wanted to shoot looking out toward Salem Harbor as I hadn’t been on that side of Marblehead for a sunset since my outing at Rockett Landing a few weeks earlier.  I also had been told about an area called Wyman Cove that I had never seen on a map and thus had never thought to look for previously.

I made my way along the road to Wyman Cove and all the way to the beach which was currently at low tide.  I spent a few minutes enjoying the scene before me and waiting for the sun to pass behind some clouds to diffuse its strong light.  When it did so, I captured the image that I will share tomorrow.

On my way back out of Wyman Cove, I looked back and noted the sunlight illuminating part of the road leading the the beach and the reflection off the nearby stone.  I composed this image to highlight the sunlit path as well as the bent trunks in the distance that seemed to fit better in a tropical paradise than our New England town.

Come back tomorrow to see what lies at the end of the road…