A Tree Lined Path in the Fog

On July 21, dense fog descended on Marblehead in what one local described as a Smokey Sou'Wester.  The fog was thick near the water but would clear quickly inland.  I had left my car on Beacon Street near Grace Oliver beach and walked with the camera and tripod around the bend toward Fountain Park. I passed this small road lined by trees and recalled shooting this scene in similar conditions years ago.  It was a foggy day but much later in the year with many of the trees bare and had chosen a horizontal orientation. On this day, I decided [...]

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The Road to Wyman Cove

On Tuesday, June 17, I headed out of the house at 7:30pm to chase after some promising clouds and hoped for a solid sunset.  I knew that I wanted to shoot looking out toward Salem Harbor as I hadn't been on that side of Marblehead for a sunset since my outing at Rockett Landing a few weeks earlier.  I also had been told about an area called Wyman Cove that I had never seen on a map and thus had never thought to look for previously. I made my way along the road to Wyman Cove and all the way [...]

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Fall Colors come to the Path

A rare Saturday post brought about in large part to the great conditions I found when shooting on October 17th.  I had planned one shot for that day but had scouted out a number of other possible spots and found great colors at each point.  The early morning light helped a great deal as did the circular polarizer which allowed me to cut down on light reflecting off the leaves and bring more vibrancy to the images. This was taken across from the post office along The Path.  The toughest decision was whether to isolate the tree from the graffiti [...]

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Gingerbread Lane in the Fog

We've had a fair amount of fog in the past few months and I've been scouting out locations to capture while in the thick of it.  As I drove around one foggy morning, I noticed the rocky wall on Gingerbread lane.  The fog had started to lift and I quickly parked and set up to capture the moody atmosphere before me.  I really liked the green path in the middle of the road and the fallen leaves setting the scene.

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