In the early morning hours of April 18, I had gone out in search of the Milky Way and returned with several images of the night sky over Marblehead.  This image was taken just after the one from the edge of Fort Sewall and before the next location at Castle Rock.

I had envisioned this view of stars seeming to explode in light around the great tree at Fort Sewall and found this spot at the bottom of the small hill from which to shoot it.  It took a bit of work to bring out the stars while keeping light pollution and the amber lights from discoloring the rest of the scene.  There was an odd effect from the amber lights on the trunk of the great tree – the reflection of some of the benches made for an eerie almost translucent appearance on the lower right part of the trunk.

You can just make out the hint of the Milky Way beyond the right side branches of the tree.