Neowise visits Marblehead Light

Last week, I started to see more and more images of the comet Neowise (C/2020 F3) posted by my photography friends. Most were in much darker locations but I wondered if I might have a chance of capturing the comet against the backdrop of a local landmark. I found an app called GoSkyWatch Planetarium that seemed very simple to use and helped me locate Neowise in the sky. Once that was done, I headed out on Thursday night and tried to plan out a shoot for when the clouds lifted. I thought my best chance might be at Chandler Hovey [...]

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Night of the Aurora

In 2015, strong solar storms allowed Marbleheaders to view the aurora borealis on two occasions - March and June.  This is my last image from the earlier outing on March 17, 2015 that I had yet to share. With the sun having since diminished the frequency and severity of storms, I'm not sure that we'll have a chance to view these purple and green colors again for a while. *Note - the colors were not visible to the naked eye but required a long (25 second) exposure by the camera sensor

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A Shining Beacon – Marblehead Light

On December 20th, a solar storm held the promise of a display of the Northern Lights over Marblehead.  Remembering this spot from my last capture of the aurora borealis in June of last year, I headed to Cove Lane and hoped to capture a similar scene with the added bonus of lights streaming down Marblehead Light. Despite the forecasts for a strong storm, no green or purple hues showed in the end.  I did manage to capture a nice image of Marblehead Light displayed as a shining beacon in the night sky thanks to those lights that decorate it twice [...]

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The Northern Lights and Marblehead Light

I first saw the Northern lights (or aurora borealis) from Marblehead in March 2015 during what was at the time the strongest solar storm to hit Earth in years.  I felt incredibly fortunate to have witnessed and captured the scene and never imagined I would have an opportunity to repeat it let alone improve upon it. As it happened, an even stronger solar storm event took place on June 22nd.  As night fell, the projected strength (or Kp) of the storm hit a whopping 8 which meant it would be visible from our relatively southern position in New England.  With [...]

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See the Stars at Fort Sewall

In the early morning hours of April 18, I had gone out in search of the Milky Way and returned with several images of the night sky over Marblehead.  This image was taken just after the one from the edge of Fort Sewall and before the next location at Castle Rock. I had envisioned this view of stars seeming to explode in light around the great tree at Fort Sewall and found this spot at the bottom of the small hill from which to shoot it.  It took a bit of work to bring out the stars while keeping light [...]

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Night of the Carnival

It's here!  The annual Devereux Beach carnival is this weekend and it looks like we'll finally have good weather for the entire duration of it.  While the children of Marblehead will no doubt be thrilled to enjoy the carnival on what promises to be a rain-free weekend, I can't help but look back to images from last year when the weather was perfect for this photographer. We had rain and fog on this first weekend in May and the carnival was fairly empty at night due to the conditions.  While others stayed home, I had the run of the small [...]

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Under the Milky Way at Castle Rock

On Saturday at 2:30am, I left the house in hopes of capturing the Milky Way over Marblehead.  I started off by heading to Fort Sewall and already shared an image of the Milky Way over the harbor, neck and Marblehead Light's green beacon.  Once I finished there, I headed across the causeway hoping to find a spot with less light pollution. I ended up at Castle Rock at 4:00am and set about trying a few compositions.  A standard horizontal image couldn't quite take in the enormity of the scene so I rotated the camera and took seven vertical images that [...]

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The Milky Way over Marblehead Light

I never thought I would be able to capture the Milky Way over Marblehead.  With our proximity to Boston and the amount of light pollution in the night sky, shooting the Milky Way seemed to be a task reserved for photographers in Maine or the Cape.  However, after seeing some truly awesome images from last month's new moon of the Milky Way and with perfect conditions on Friday night/Saturday morning, I figured I would give it a shot. The first stop was borrowing the right lens for the task and I could not have picked a better person to reach out [...]

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Aurora over Marblehead

On Tuesday, March 17, the aurora borealis appeared in the sky over Marblehead, Massachusetts.  I shared another image from this outing earlier in the day with a mix of green glow and purple spikes from the incredible light display. This image was captured five minutes earlier and shows a much broader and deeper green glow.  I corrected the distortion in the lighthouse as it did not affect the aurora over Marblehead as in the other one.

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Aurora Borealis over Marblehead Light

It finally happened!  I can't count how many times I have left the house late at night with the hope of capturing the aurora borealis over Marblehead Light.  The northern lights occur when charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere.  On March 15, two coronal mass ejections sprouted from the Sun and headed towards Earth bringing with them a LOT of those charged particles.  The strength of the aurora is measured in Kp values and, in Marblehead, we need to hit at least a Kp of 7 for any hope of seeing the northern lights.  When the charged particles arrived on Earth [...]

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