On Sunday, September 27th, a total lunar eclipse was set to take place.  Not only was this to be a total lunar eclipse but it was taking place during a full supermoon which lent itself to the hashtag #superbloodmoon due to the expected red color of the moon during totality.  I had scouted a few locations in the days leading up to the event and then prayed for clear skies.  Thankfully, everything came together perfectly on Sunday night…all except the location of the moon relative to every other object in Marblehead.  Note: this final image is a composite of two images captured last night.

I started off at the base of Abbot Hall but the position of the not-yet eclipsed supermoon was too low in the sky.  I then drove out to Beacon Street to see how the moon might line up with Marblehead Light (too high) and then drove to Chandler Hovey Park hoping for a shot of the moon juxtaposed against the lighthouse (too low again and the lighthouse was too dark).  Having little luck, I returned to the base of Abbot Hall with an idea for a composite image in mind.

I began by shooting Abbot Hall with my zoom lens at 100mm and then repositioned to capture the superbloodmoon during totality at 400mm.  This allowed me to capture a larger moon relative to Abbot Hall (four times larger to be precise).  When I returned home, I composed an image of Abbot Hall and the supermoon into one.  Despite all of my efforts, none of the images I had in mind could be captured given the location of the moon relative to everything else in Marblehead.  With the power of digital images, I was able to present my vision for the lunar eclipse and Abbot Hall.  I hope you’ll allow me some creative license with this final image.