Cloudy with a Chance of Moonrise

For those wondering after I mentioned it in last night's post, this was the scene that greeted the 30+ photographers and other moonwatchers as we all gathered along Front Street hoping to capture the super blue moon rising behind Marblehead Light. I have three more nice sunset shots from after the one taken of the Corinthian that I'll share tomorrow. Enjoy the very summer like weather on this Labor Day weekend!

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Picture Perfect Moonset

Last night, approximately 30 photographers lined Front Street hoping to capture the rise of August's super blue full moon only to be skunked by cloud cover. I managed a few shots of an unexpectedly nice sunset before packing up and heading home. It dawned on me later that night the moonset may be a much better opportunity given the predictions for cool dry air to be approaching Marblehead overnight. I set the alarm for 5:30am and made my way out to Chandler Hovey Park where I saw one other photographer who appeared to have realized the same thing. I took [...]

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Seaside Moonrise

For the first time in what feels like forever, the full moon was set to rise and not clouds or rain threatened to get in the way. I had mapped out the projected location of the moon from several spots including Fort Sewall but decided earlier in the day on a completely different spot. As the sun set, I made my way up the grass hill of Seaside Park and to the backside where it faces the harbor. I found trees in the way so I descended to an open area of granite where I could set up and wait. [...]

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Full Moon at the Carnival

This one took some planning... I've captured many images of the Marblehead Carnival over the last 15 years but knew I had the chance for a unique shot this year with the anticipated full moon rising on the second night of the Junior class carnival. I spent quite a bit of time over the last two days scouting the anticipated path of the full moon and finding locations that would bring it within the frame of the ferris wheel. I arrived at Devereux an hour before sunset and did more planning, lens checks and waited. And waited. The moon was [...]

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Pink Moon over Marblehead Neck

Though our weather has been incredible this spring, clouds in the past few days meant that I missed the chance to capture April's full pink moon. Luckily, I had this image captured on April 26, 2021 in my 'to be posted' folder. I had gone out on this April night under perfect conditions and came home with three 'keepers'.  One taken from Front Street where it meets Franklin that allowed me a zoomed in view of the full pink moon and Marblehead light. The other near the Barnacle that let me compose a tight shot of the lone sailboat with [...]

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By the Light of the Moon

Last one from the night of November 5th and a different type of image than what I normally share. As I walked along the causeway exploring the best angle to capture sunset over the harbor, I spotted the moon and quickly realized I could probably line it up with one of the lamp posts.  I walked to a spot where I could get the moon 'just right' and took two quick shots - first focusing on the lamp post and then the moon. It's impossible to get a single shot like this in focus for both objects given the incredible [...]

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Bright Stars and Dark Moon

Well that was a fun morning! I mentioned in my other posts this week that I had gone out on Sunday to catch an early view of the nearly full beaver moon rising as I was unsure if I would have a chance to capture it in the days ahead. With a total lunar eclipse occurring as the moon set (and the sun rose) this morning, I made sure to plan ahead with predicted tracks and lighting and clouds. I had my gear ready to go and set an alarm for 5am in the hopes of getting to see and [...]

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Tinkering with the Moon

Somehow I had convinced myself that the full Hunter's moon was last night and ran around to three different spots capturing the moon rising well before sunset. Then I realized this afternoon that the moon was only at 100% as of 4:55pm. With that in mind, I pulled out my app for predicting the moonrise and came up with two options - Childrens or Tinkers... I decided to check out Tinkers first which meant driving to Spray Avenue and bringing along my longest zoom lens. By taking advantage of the full 400mm length of the lens (and cropping a bit [...]

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Landing the Moonrise (or A Last Minute Pivot)

I had a plan for tonight's full Hunter's moonrise after checking the expected location using an app. I figured that if I set up at Crocker Park, I would be able to shoot the moon coming up over the Corinthian Yacht Club and might luck out with some foliage in the park as a nice foreground element. Well, I was set up and waiting for the moon at 5:59pm when it rose a good distance away from where I had expected it! I decided to get a few shots from there as the sun was still illuminating the foreground boats [...]

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Moonset over the Harbor

In a month when I did not expect to shoot the moon once, I somehow managed to capture the Harvest moon twice at moonrise and once at moonset! Of these, the most planned out was the moonset on Saturday morning when I woke at 5:15 and drove across the causeway to Chandler Hovey Park. I had mapped out this spot as giving me the best composition with the setting full Harvest moon adjacent to Abbot Hall. I arrived to find two other photographers had similar ideas in mind and was awed by the deep orange/pumpkin color of the moon (likely [...]

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