This year has been quite lackluster when it comes to capturing Fall colors in Marblehead.  Whether the lack of rain this Summer or the extended warmth thus far has led to this year’s mix of bare trees amongst green one, the end result has limited my outings to capture foliage.  I have a shot in mind for this week but, in the meantime, here is one from 2014.

In contrast, 2014 was a banner year for capturing Fall colors in Marblehead.  I’ve shared a number of images over the past year but this one of the Forest River has remained in the ‘to be published’ folder.  The image was taken on a November 1st after a brief rain passed through and I had hoped the clouds might break and lead to a rainbow for a unique shot from this spot.  The clouds never did break up but I managed to find another source of color to add some light to this scene – a car’s headlights coming down Leggs Hill Road add a nice spot of light to the otherwise muted scene.