Forest River

Fading Fall Views

I drive by this view four days a week and keep wishing that someone would expand the small bridge crossing Leggs Hill Road where it meets up with Loring Avenue so it was easier to stop and grab a photo or just stare out at the Forest River Park. It really is a great spot for a view but a terrible spot to stop a car and I've passed by views that put this one to shame but been unable to pull over and capture the moment. Maybe those moments are all the more precious for being so fleeting...

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Top 10 of 2019 – #3 – Forest River Foliage

I drive by this scene on my way to work four days a week and have wanted to stop and capture several scenes here but either I didn't have my camera, had thought too later about stopping, the tide was too high or too low or the light just wasn't right. Having passed this area so many times, I have come to appreciate just how many elements need to come together for a strong image to capture the scene and so, when the light was just right on October 26 and all the other elements came into place, I knew [...]

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Forest River Foliage

I had just about given up on finding decent foliage shots in Marblehead this fall season and had felt reasonably happy with the recent shot at Redd's Pond and the other of Brown's Island. However, Saturday was just a beautiful day and, with the threat of rain Sunday, I decided to head out of the house a little before noon when I spotted clouds moving in. My first stop was the small bridge at the end of Leggs Hill Road which offers a postcard view of Forest River. I had been scouting the foliage at this spot every morning as [...]

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Fall Colors on the Forest River

This year has been quite lackluster when it comes to capturing Fall colors in Marblehead.  Whether the lack of rain this Summer or the extended warmth thus far has led to this year's mix of bare trees amongst green one, the end result has limited my outings to capture foliage.  I have a shot in mind for this week but, in the meantime, here is one from 2014. In contrast, 2014 was a banner year for capturing Fall colors in Marblehead.  I've shared a number of images over the past year but this one of the Forest River has remained in [...]

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Cracked Ice on the Forest River

On Friday, March 13th, I drove home by way of Leggs Hill Road and noted the ice along the Forest River had started to break up into large chunks.  I decided to return to the spot at sunset to capture the unique view before the upcoming warmth and rain obliterated this remnant of the Winter of 2015. When I arrived at Leggs Hill Road closer to sunset, I found the view looking back toward Lafayette Street to be drab due to the overcast conditions.  However the view toward Loring Avenue held far more promise and was one I had never [...]

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Pink Glow over the Forest River

I last captured an image from this spot over four years ago and had recently used it on the title page of my Wednesdays in Marblehead book.  This past week, I had returned to the spot at dawn to photography the Fall colors I had noted on a recent drive down Leggs Hill Road.  The dawn photoshoot did not pan out and so, when the sunset seemed poised to explode in color on Sunday night, I hurried back to this spot. I arrived just as the pink glow over the Forest River was reaching its peak and captured this image [...]

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