I mentioned in last week’s post that I started off the new year with a shoot from atop St. Michaels new steeple.  One of the first images I took was of the lit star seeming to hang over Marblehead Neck.  However, while I was up there, I couldn’t resist recreating my Hooper to the Harbor shot that won Peoples Choice award in this year’s festival.

For the prior shot, I had been on the scaffolding around the steeple but found much more room to roam on this cold morning.  I moved to this spot which was almost exactly the same composition and hoped for some light to shine through the cloud cover.  The light appeared only for a moment and happened to coincide with a single pedestrian walking down Hooper Street.

The comparison between this image and the original is quite stark – Marblehead Harbor is now nearly empty, the trees bare and yet, looking down at this historic part of Marblehead, one can’t help but marvel at its beauty.

Here is Hooper to the Harbor for comparison:

View of Hooper Street and Harbor from atop St Michaels Steeple