My first stop on Sunday was Riverhead Beach which offered a great location for scouting out the morning’s sea smoke.  While the temperatures of -10F meant that sea smoke would likely occur, the predicted winds of 20MPH made me nervous that any rising smoke would quickly disappear with the gusts of wind.  As soon as I pulled into the lot at Riverhead, those fears disappeared and the beauty of sea smoke rising from Marblehead harbor greeted me.

I quickly got out of the car and felt the arctic temperatures for the first time.  I had dressed perfectly it turned out (see below) and quickly got to work.  I captured one image of the lighthouse from this spot and then turned to look at the causeway.  With the wind blowing in a South-East directly, the sea smoke was being carried toward the causeway and seemed to be crashing onto and over the causeway.  I composed this image to capture the waves of smoke amidst the lamp posts on the causeway still aglow in the early morning hour.

*Gear for -10F (head to toe): balaclava, hat, scarf, long johns, turtleneck, fleece zip up, down jacket, windproof shell, double gloves with hand warmers in outer shell, fleece-lined jeans, windproof snow pants, wool socks, toe warmers, thick boots.