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Rainbow and Old Glory

Today we go back to the causeway and an incredible outing from two weeks ago when I came upon a huge rainbow crossing from Marblehead neck across the causeway and near the midpoint of Devereux Beach. I started off shooting a panorama of the full rainbow from the causeway before turning toward the bright spot over the Atlantic and then circling back as the light shifted. At this point, the left side of the rainbow had peaked in intensity and shifted in position so that, from the end of the causeway, I was able to line it up with the [...]

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Raging Storm

With warnings of wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour, today's predicted storm put me in mind of this outing on March 3, 2018 when a raging storm hurled waves across the causeway. In this shot, you can judge the height of the splash over as it rises higher than the lamp posts on the causeway and you can make out one of the structures on Tinkers Island in the distance. Even the causeway had white caps on this wind swept day.

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Thankful for a Thanksgiving Sunset

What a great Thanksgiving this was - started with a Friendsgiving brunch, then a come-from-behind win for the Marblehead Magicians and a pre-dinner Thanksgiving sunset! I had spotted sunlight streaming across the street as I worked on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign and then pulled up some webcams around town to find a very promising set of clouds. With that (and an hour before dinner), I headed out and towards Riverhead Beach. I started shooting from near the water before heading back up to the causeway and capturing the vibrant pink sky over the Neck. I lucked out with little traffic [...]

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Portrait Mode

On Saturday, I was shooting boats in the harbor with hints of foliage across the water. As the sun began to set, the sky behind the causeway took on interesting shapes and colors and I turned to capture one of the lamp posts along the causeway. I had rented a lens and was putting it through its paces to see if I might want to purchase it. The lens offered me a 200mm focal length and a very fast f/2.8 aperture and I used that combination to focus on the lamp post. As much would have it, a seagull passed [...]

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Taking the Measure of a Storm

With every significant Nor'Easter, one can count on a group to gather along Cliff Street near Red Steps to watch the waves explode along the causeway. Based on the height of the crash relative to the lamp posts, one can get a good measure of a storm and it's power.  This is a popular stop and I wasn't alone here at high tide on the Saturday after the storm.  I didn't even have the longest lens of the group ;-) Nevertheless, I watched the waves and chose my compositions while waiting for the breaks in clouds that would offer some [...]

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Fishing off the Causeway

I think Summer officially peaked for me on Sunday, August 7th with this walk atop the causeway surrounded by scene after scene exemplifying the beauty of a Marblehead Summer.  Before capturing the closer view of a packed Devereux Beach, I happened upon a man standing more than waist deep in the Atlantic Ocean and fishing off the causeway. I watched him for a little while as I composed this image and waited for cars to pass by.  I didn't see him catch anything but he seemed quite content as the waves pushed and pulled at him.  I loved the proximity [...]

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Capture the Fog

Yesterday's image of two Townies under the red light of a foggy sunset was one of the last images I captured on Tuesday night as fog rolled into Marblehead harbor.  This was one of the first. I had left my house as soon as I saw fog rolling in as I knew the timing offered a chance for spectacular light conditions around the harbor.  I drove across the causeway in thickening fog and parked as soon as I could on Marblehead Neck only to double back and set up for this shot. With flags hanging from the lamp posts and [...]

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Leading Lines on the Causeway

Our final image of the week and a good lead off for the weekend is this one from the morning of May 6, 2012.  I had gone out on this morning to shoot the Marblehead Carnival in the early light and had hoped to capture the full moon setting as well.  The latter didn't work out with the cloud cover but I was able to capture some nice images of Devereux Beach in the blue hour. As the morning light broke through the clouds, I made my way up to the causeway and stopped here when I saw that the lamp [...]

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Smoke Crashes Over the Causeway

My first stop on Sunday was Riverhead Beach which offered a great location for scouting out the morning's sea smoke.  While the temperatures of -10F meant that sea smoke would likely occur, the predicted winds of 20MPH made me nervous that any rising smoke would quickly disappear with the gusts of wind.  As soon as I pulled into the lot at Riverhead, those fears disappeared and the beauty of sea smoke rising from Marblehead harbor greeted me. I quickly got out of the car and felt the arctic temperatures for the first time.  I had dressed perfectly it turned out [...]

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