Inner Harbor Sunset

Back to sharing images of Marblehead after last week's talk of Kickstarter and the new 2023 Calendar. As a quick update, the Kickstarter seems to have plateaued. I think there are many reasons for that but will let the campaign run its course and see where it ends up. In FAR better news, I should get my calendar proof later today and will share it when it arrives. PreOrders are open on my website now at the price of $19.95 (scroll halfway down the homepage) and will be available directly on Facebook/Instagram when the calendars arrive but will be at [...]

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Smoke Washing Ashore

As luck would have it, we had another very cold morning in Marblehead on January 15th and I decided to capture the sea smoke as dawn broke behind Tinker's Island. Once the sun rose high enough, I turned the camera to capture smoke washing ashore with each wave and hitting the rocks along the causeway. The arctic air created interesting heat diffraction in sections of the image along the lamp posts.

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Veterans Memorial Causeway

This image comes from May 1st and a break from shooting towards Abbot Hall from across the causeway. I turned back to look at the ocean as the sun set and saw this simple composition with the sign post for the Veterans Memorial Causeway. The soft light reflecting on the calm water of the Atlantic Ocean seemed a perfect accent to the concrete and asphalt of the causeway.

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Chasing the Light Once Again

For a variety of reasons, I had not been out shooting in well over a month's time. As luck would have it, tonight ended up being an incredible opportunity to break that streak. After returning home from work, my wife and son came up with the idea of going to the Dolphin Yacht Club for dinner. We lucked out with an outdoor table and enjoyed Chef Jake's incredible meal while watching storm clouds form to the north and south as storms split around Marblehead. As I ate and watched the sky, I kept glancing at my watch and wondered if [...]

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Rainbow Weather

The restore finally finished after over 200 hours and it appears all images are back safe and sound and a new larger hard drive array.  As a test run, I took a look at some recent images that were in my To Be Published folder and, with the recent rain, instantly gravitated to this one. It seems that spring really does set up perfect conditions for rainbow weather. And yet, all the elements need to come together with just the right break in the clouds at just the right time as on the evening of May 12th when I raced [...]

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First Rainbow of the Season

There's nothing quite like catching that first rainbow of the season ;-) I had already gone out once today but had come back without any photos to show for the quick drive. So I was laying on the couch after a nice meal from Howling Wolf and watching TV when I hear what sounded like rain. It took me a few seconds to realize the sound was coming from outside rather than the show and, as soon as my brain made that connection, little alarms went off in my head. Anytime I spot a shower within an hour of sunset, [...]

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Causeway Sunset

On Saturday night, I had checked an app that tries to predict strong sunsets and found a really good chance for great light. It's important to know that this app is right less than 50% of the time so I headed out of the house somewhat reluctantly and without clear direction. I headed down Atlantic Avenue and on to Ocean figuring the start of the causeway at Devereux Beach would give me the best shot of figuring out which way the light was strongest. I arrived 10 minutes before sunset and found a really delicate mix of pinks and blues [...]

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Summer Rainbows over the Causeway

If we are going to continue with temps in the high 80s this late in September, I may need to continue to revisit some favorites from this past summer that hadn't seen the light of day. On June 28, 2020, I headed to Riverhead Beach and was rewarded with a nearly perfect double rainbow forming over the causeway. The outing would last over an hour and include some incredible sunset images as well leading to a fairly large trough of images in the 'to be published' folder from this one summer evening.

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Passing Storm

Hope you aren't tired of images from Wednesday August 19 yet but, as the difference from yesterday's afterglow to today's dramatic sky illustrate, there was such a wide spectrum of light conditions that every location offered completely different clouds and lighting to play with. This shot of the passing storm crossing over the causeway and the Neck was captured earlier in the evening at my first stop - Riverhead Beach. When I am dealing with uncertain conditions, I tend to head to this spot to quickly check the sky and light from every direction. As it turned out, I had [...]

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