Thankful for a Thanksgiving Sunset

What a great Thanksgiving this was - started with a Friendsgiving brunch, then a come-from-behind win for the Marblehead Magicians and a pre-dinner Thanksgiving sunset! I had spotted sunlight streaming across the street as I worked on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign and then pulled up some webcams around town to find a very promising set of clouds. With that (and an hour before dinner), I headed out and towards Riverhead Beach. I started shooting from near the water before heading back up to the causeway and capturing the vibrant pink sky over the Neck. I lucked out with little traffic [...]

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Portrait Mode

On Saturday, I was shooting boats in the harbor with hints of foliage across the water. As the sun began to set, the sky behind the causeway took on interesting shapes and colors and I turned to capture one of the lamp posts along the causeway. I had rented a lens and was putting it through its paces to see if I might want to purchase it. The lens offered me a 200mm focal length and a very fast f/2.8 aperture and I used that combination to focus on the lamp post. As much would have it, a seagull passed [...]

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Sunset over the Causeway

For much of April, I have found little in the way of good light or interesting compositions as we wait for warm weather and the trees to begin flowering.  I had decided to try my luck on Friday April 6th with a sunset that seemed to hold promise with great clouds following me all the way home. As luck would have it, the clouds disappeared as the sun set and I quickly moved to plan B which meant getting the drone out for some more intimate images. Rather than fly 400 feet straight up in the air and shoot the birds [...]

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Frozen Marblehead Harbor

As the days (slowly) warm, I didn't want to miss the chance to share images from this arctic winter including the incredible aerial view of a frozen Marblehead harbor.  This image was captured in early January after almost two weeks of sub-20 F temperatures led to a nearly complete freeze of the harbor (at least to the BYC/Landing). It never froze enough to support weight as the harbor did in the 70s but the contrast of the iced harbor against the deep blue of the Atlantic ocean on this morning made for a compelling image.

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Taking the Measure of a Storm

With every significant Nor'Easter, one can count on a group to gather along Cliff Street near Red Steps to watch the waves explode along the causeway. Based on the height of the crash relative to the lamp posts, one can get a good measure of a storm and it's power.  This is a popular stop and I wasn't alone here at high tide on the Saturday after the storm.  I didn't even have the longest lens of the group ;-) Nevertheless, I watched the waves and chose my compositions while waiting for the breaks in clouds that would offer some [...]

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Goodnight 2017 – Frozen New Years Eve Sunset

This was truly a frozen New Years Eve sunset as I braved an insanely cold wind coming off the frozen harbor to capture my last sunset of 2017.  I decided to head out in part to capture the chunks of ice that had formed along this part of the harbor and hoped the clouds would break for a nice sunset to help say 'Goodnight 2017'. I started off shooting around 3:40pm and only lasted 10 minutes before the cold forced me to retreat into the car.  Despite dressing warmly in multiple layers, the 20 mph winds (and -15F wind chills) [...]

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Welcome to the Neck

The Mathers family recently moved to this beautiful house on Marblehead Neck where the causeway splits into a Y.  As the calendar turned to December, they hired a local landscaper to decorate their grand tree and serve as a welcome to drivers crossing the causeway onto the Neck. I first heard about the tree before actually seeing it because the Mathers family were sent a letter disparaging the holiday display.  With the community offering their support of the family and their grand tree, I had to see it for myself. I drove home from work tonight and headed directly across [...]

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Stacking Rocks on the Causeway

Today's image is a bit of a throwback to 2013 and the Summer of stacking rocks.  Does anyone remember when new formations of stacked rocks would appear along the causeway?  It seemed that we had new ones form on an almost daily basis until the Neck end was nearly filled with these zen-like temporary sculptures. I'm not sure if they have shown up again since then...

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Capturing the Moment

The night of July 5th, 2016 produced the most beautiful light I have ever encountered in my 9 years in Marblehead and resulted in (now) 13 images shared from this one evening.  It really was a joy to watch the fog develop as the day approached its end and then be awed by the foggy sunset that followed. As much as I strive to capture perfect moments of the town of Marblehead and share its beauty with current and former residents, I have very few images of myself actually capturing these moments.  And so when I spotted a woman pull [...]

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