Dawn Reflections

One last image from Saturday morning's incredible dawn outing. I had been watching this one working boat move on its mooring and, when it hit a certain spot in its rotation, I spotted reflected light coming off the bow. I waited for the boat to go through its morning rotations once more and lucked out with this capture of nearly peak light in the sky and the reflections coming off the boat and water. The three empty moorings in the foreground perfectly broke up the pink-purple light. I'll relegate the last 3 keepers to my 'to be posted' archive so [...]

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Fall Reflections on Redd’s Pond

I mentioned in yesterday's post that it took me four visits to hit peak color at Waterside Cemetery. Well, each time, I would continue a look that took me along West Shore drive to Beacon Street and then past Doliber Cove to Norman Street where I would pass Redd's Pond. On the third visit, I found Redd's to be at peak color and with barely any wind to break up the fall reflections in the water. I decided to compose this shot to include all of Pond View and its full reflection while extending out to grab the bright red [...]

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Sunset Reflections at the BYC

Just imagine having to sit through dinner at the BYC with me while this sky was taking shape over Marblehead Harbor... Thankfully, our hosts have known me since the day we moved to Marblehead in May 2008 and both they and my wife gave their approval every time I looked out over the water. For this shot, I decided to move the camera just above water level to maximize the sunset reflections in the calm harbor water.

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Golden Light on Boden Beach

When I headed across the causeway to the Neck on Tuesday, July 12th, I had hoped for a decent sunset and lucked out with some great light that went through a number of shades as I moved around on the Pleon Yacht Club pier. This shot was the start of that night and I decided to compose the shot wide enough to include the golden light reflecting on the waters at this private beach. I wondered about the name of it and found a reference to Boden Beach on Google Maps. Since it's a private beach, I'm guessing the one [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #3 – Best Laid Plans

Sometimes a photo makes the top 10 more for the memory of the outing than the quality of light. Such was the case on November 19th when I drove straight from work to Chandler Hovey Park in the hopes of shooting a moonrise and walked back to the car freezing and without a single shot of the moon that stayed hidden behind clouds.  That was when I spotted this scene with a small pool of rainwater offering the chance of a reflection. I swapped to my widest lens and set up for this shot with a longer exposure to pull [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #5 – First Rainbow of the Season

On Wednesday, May 12th, I heard rain falling within an hour of sunset and quickly grabbed my gear, hopped in the car and drove. As I headed down Humphrey then Smith and onto Atlantic, I kept looking every which way but couldn’t spot any rainbows. I decided to turn down Commercial Street to the float near Hammond Park and only when I crested the small hill did I spot the brilliant light. I had lucked out with the rainbow appearing near the end of the causeway where it met the Neck. I jumped out and threw on a circular polarizer [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #6 – Boats in the Harbor and Fire in the Sky

It's a sure bet that anytime I'm able to capture a sunset as vibrant as this, it will make the top 10 list.  This was the scene on May 16th at the awesome time of 7:58pm as the sun broke through a small gap above the tree line and below the clouds.  As the sun disappeared from view, the light became more and more vibrant until it formed this fire in the sky. For the sheer awesomeness of color in the sky as well as memories of 8pm sunsets, this is my 6th favorite image of 2021.

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Best Laid Plans

I was excited for the possibility of shooting the moonrise tonight at Chandler Hovey Park having received an invite to join a group of photographers there. I knew it would be tight with finishing up work in my Danvers office at 4pm but had arrived just in the nick of time at 4:28 (moonrise was at 4:31) only to find the cloud cover which should have been disappointing was showing no signs of doing so. As I looked around, I spotted a band of rain showers over Peaches Point and, sure enough, all cameras had turned that way for the [...]

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Reflections on a Good Summer

I was looking for a photo to share having built up my 'to be posted' archive with several productive outings and happened upon this image captured at dawn on October 3rd. I had lucked out with a far nicer than expected dawn and sunrise and made sure to capture it with various compositions. Here I tried to accentuate the reflections of boats on the still waters of Marblehead Harbor which was serving almost like a mirror to bring color throughout the scene. As I tried to figure out a good title, I thought that 'Reflections on a Good Summer' suited [...]

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