I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had arrived at Castle Rock with some time to spare before moonrise and so I walked up to Corinthian Lane and then quickly back towards Nashua Avenue looking for a new angle from which to capture the sunset.  The clouds over the mainland were diffusing the sun’s light as it descended toward the horizon and imparting a red glow to the sky.  As the old adage goes, red sky at night, sailors delight.

I started off with a horizontal composition but found that I really wanted to focus on Old North Church in the distance which was perfectly positioned to be backlit by the peak of the red sky at night.  The moorings nearly filled with boats and houses across the water filled in the rest of the frame.  And so, twenty minutes before capturing the Strawberry moon from Castle Rock, I was treated to yet another beautiful Summer Marblehead sunset – this one taking place exactly at the Summer solstice.