Red Sky at Night behind Old North Church

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had arrived at Castle Rock with some time to spare before moonrise and so I walked up to Corinthian Lane and then quickly back towards Nashua Avenue looking for a new angle from which to capture the sunset.  The clouds over the mainland were diffusing the sun's light as it descended toward the horizon and imparting a red glow to the sky.  As the old adage goes, red sky at night, sailors delight. I started off with a horizontal composition but found that I really wanted to focus on Old North Church in [...]

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Red Sky over Marblehead Harbor

The recent run of warm weather has put the Summer season firmly in mind and made me long for evenings where the sun sets after 7 and does so over a harbor filled with boats. Today's image was taken on August 18 at 7:26pm as hazy conditions contributed to a red sky at night.  I decided to shoot this as a tighter image with little sky over Abbot Hall but with a subtle reflection in the water surrounding boats on their moorings.

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Full Moon and the Eastern’s Red Glow

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was set up to capture the full moon rising from Crocker Park when a red glow began to form on the Eastern Yacht Club and houses on Marblehead Neck.  This was the scene I stared at, dumbfounded, until I looked behind me and saw the purple light from a coming storm was the source of the mysterious red glow.

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Red Sky at Morning over Greystone

This image comes from April 23rd and a surprisingly productive dawn photo shoot that began along Bass Rock Lane.  From here, there is a great vantage point of the houses in Greystone that line the shores of Marblehead.  I couldn't help but add in that old adage: Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; Red sky at night, sailors' delight.

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Sea Smoke at Sunrise – Tinker’s Island and the Red Glow of Dawn

I just couldn't wait to share this image until Monday so here is a rare Sunday shot showcasing an incredible moment capturing sea smoke off Devereux Beach as the sun rose behind Tinker's Island. After the storm blew through and left us with almost two feet of snow, an arctic air mass was due to envelope Marblehead and with the near zero degree temperatures came the chance of seeing sea smoke.  I had only seen sea smoke on a few occasions since moving to Marblehead and have never missed a chance to go out and capture the fleeting phenomenon.  On [...]

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