On an early October morning, I met up with my friend Steve Clay at St. Michael’s Church and the two of us successfully ascended to the top of the building’s new steeple.  This was my third trip up to this spot overlooking historic downtown Marblehead and I was treated to great colors and a prefect sunrise.  I shared the sunrise view shortly after taking it but haven’t had a chance to show any other images yet.

During my very first ascent to this spot (on the scaffolding erected at the time), I found this composition of Hooper Street and its historic buildings with the harbor just beyond and Marblehead Neck in the background.  That image became Hooper to the Harbor and won a Peoples Choice award at the Marblehead Festival of Arts.  With each subsequent visit, I’ve tried to improve upon that first view and this is the latest attempt.

We were treated to a soft pink sky as the sun began to rise and I included a bit more sky in this composition of Hooper at dawn to feature the color in the sky as well as its reflection in the still waters of Marblehead Harbor.  I still favor the original shot but am happy with how this one came out as well.