Fifteen Degree Sunset

  • The angle of clouds and horizon creates a fifteen degree sunset on a January evening that was much warmer than it appeared

This is the dorkiest title I have ever given to an image but I just couldn’t come up with anything good…

After capturing images with the Phantom 4 Pro from above Devereux beach on Monday night, I switched over to the real camera and set about capturing a Winter beach sunset.  While most of the good light was down the beach, I kept my eye on this diagonal band of clouds and switched to this composition as they picked up the light of the setting sun.  I timed the shot to capture the gentle surf coming ashore.

As for the title, I measured the angle of the band of clouds to the horizon.  It would have been far more interesting if the temperatures had been colder and matched the title as well but I was thankful for the surprisingly warmth at Devereux Beach during this fifteen degree sunset.

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