Riding out the Storm

  • As the rain finally let up, Devereux Beach filled with surfers riding out the storm as clouds broke overhead

For the second time this May, Marblehead was drenched by a long-lasting rain storm.  In between trying to protect the foundation of our new addition (it made it through fine both times), I spent most of today taking care of errands and tried to let my wife enjoy her mother’s day.  As the day neared its end, I noted the clearing and brightening skies and left the house for a bit hoping to catch a rainbow or solid sunset.

I drove out to Chandler Hovey Park but wasn’t thrilled with the light and ended up crossing the causeway again and parking at Devereux Beach.  Once there I was surprised to find a number of surfers in the water but then spotted a few catching nice waves and understood the draw of riding out the storm.

This image was captured at the peak of light and I was happy to have a lone surfer catch a modest wave and ride it close to shore.  This seemed like the perfect shot to start the week with the expected warm up into the high 80’s!

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