Surfs Up Marblehead

Hurricane Teddy will miss the Eastern coast of the United States but is forecast to bring us high seas and strong winds that should create amazing surfing conditions today.  According to, Devereux Beach is supposed to hit a perfect 10 rating tonight with 15 foot wave heights and low tide conditions. I will definitely be heading to the beach with my longest lens hoping to capture a few surfers taking advantage of the conditions... Surfs Up Marblehead!

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Flying over Tinkers Island

In late January, I noted some kite surfers at Devereux Beach as I drove across the causeway and made a beeline for home to grab my gear in order to capture images of them jumping waves and catching air. With my new camera, I also captured some video and ended up sharing that before any stills. As it happened, storm after storm followed and I am only now sharing the first image of this surfer flying over Tinkers Island.

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Riding out the Storm

For the second time this May, Marblehead was drenched by a long-lasting rain storm.  In between trying to protect the foundation of our new addition (it made it through fine both times), I spent most of today taking care of errands and tried to let my wife enjoy her mother's day.  As the day neared its end, I noted the clearing and brightening skies and left the house for a bit hoping to catch a rainbow or solid sunset. I drove out to Chandler Hovey Park but wasn't thrilled with the light and ended up crossing the causeway again and [...]

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Surfs Up – Devereux Beach, Marblehead

It's not often that we get great surfing waves in Marblehead but, when they arrive, Devereux Beach can get crowded with surfers very quickly.  As post-tropical storm Hermine churned off the coast, she sent strong waves heading West right toward Devereux Beach.  I had expected rain and grey clouds to accompany the storm but it stayed far enough off shore to produce a beautiful warm day in Marblehead with strong (but not overpowering) winds. I headed down to Devereux Beach at 9:45am and again at 11:00am to capture images of surfing in Marblehead.  I had only done this once before [...]

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Surfing in Marblehead

After the strong Winter storm came through leaving about 6 inches of snow on the ground (much better than DC's 2 feet), incredible waves formed off Devereux Beach.  I had just taken the kids sledding at Seaside Park and decided to head to Devereux on a friend's recommendation who had spotted surfers in the water. We arrived and parked along the causeway as the lot was closed.  The scene that awaited us was straight out of Hawaii.  Huge waves, green water and surfers riding the frigid Atlantic ocean.  The waves were the tallest I had ever seen in Marblehead and the [...]

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