With conditions for the Marblehead High School football game, I grabbed my drone and headed out to capture an aerial image of Friday Night lights.  This was one of many aerial images I had hoped to capture when I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro but had to wait for perfect conditions (as well as an FAA waiver) to allow me to realize it.

The Marblehead Magicians were facing off against Gloucester in a home game on a warm fall evening and would go on to win this game and continue their undefeated season.  I showed up five minutes before kickoff with my designated spotter in tow (my son).  We launched the drone from the grass field in front of the high school and I flew it directly over the building for this vantage point while staying away from anyone below.  I explored various compositions afforded by a change in altitude (from 50 to 200 feet above ground level) and decided that this view at just under 100 feet afforded the best perspective.

From there it was a waiting game as Gloucester started off with the ball.  Thankfully, Marblehead was moving in my direction and I didn’t have to wait long for them to drive the ball closer to my end of the field.  The Marblehead Magicians went on to score a few minutes after this image was taken.  I put the drone back in my trunk, let my son enjoy the game with his friends and stayed for a bit to watch some football under the Friday night lights.

Note: Phantom 4 Pro operated by licensed pilot with spotter under night flight waiver.  Pilot license and waiver certificate on file.