The Mathers family recently moved to this beautiful house on Marblehead Neck where the causeway splits into a Y.  As the calendar turned to December, they hired a local landscaper to decorate their grand tree and serve as a welcome to drivers crossing the causeway onto the Neck.

I first heard about the tree before actually seeing it because the Mathers family were sent a letter disparaging the holiday display.  With the community offering their support of the family and their grand tree, I had to see it for myself.

I drove home from work tonight and headed directly across the causeway.  The tree really is a sight to see and was beautifully lit.  Once parked, I ran into a news crew getting ready to share this sight with viewers and I decided to see about capturing an aerial view.  It took a few efforts but I finally was able to capture a view looking down at the causeway with headlights and taillights illuminating the way toward the beautifully lit tree on the Neck.

Welcome to Marblehead Mathers family.  We are glad you are here!