Shining Bright on the Neck

This was the scene that greeted me on Saturday night only 20 minutes after capturing Glover's Regiment firing volleys at the State Street landing. I had packed up after capturing the solemn rememberance there and drove up Front Street to Fort Beach where I hoped to capture Marblehead Light shining bright on the Neck with its holiday lights on display. I figured the freshly fallen snow would serve as a nice contrast to the dark rock face that makes up Chandler Hovey Park and was delighted to see several homes lit up to continue the bright effect across the Neck. [...]

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Welcome to the Neck

The Mathers family recently moved to this beautiful house on Marblehead Neck where the causeway splits into a Y.  As the calendar turned to December, they hired a local landscaper to decorate their grand tree and serve as a welcome to drivers crossing the causeway onto the Neck. I first heard about the tree before actually seeing it because the Mathers family were sent a letter disparaging the holiday display.  With the community offering their support of the family and their grand tree, I had to see it for myself. I drove home from work tonight and headed directly across [...]

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Lighting up Riverside Drive

It seemed only appropriate to begin 2017 with an aerial image as I expect to share many more views from above Marblehead in the year to come.  On Christmas Eve, I headed out shortly after sunset with a particular image in mind.  Since first seeing the holiday light display on Riverside Drive years ago, I sought out a way to do justice to the annual tradition embraced by the neighbors on this small street.  I had tried to shoot from street level but couldn't fully capture the display and, when I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro drone, knew I had [...]

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A String of LIghts on Marblehead Light

For today's image, I decided to look into my 'to be published' archive and focus on images captured in the month of December.  I found this one of a string of lights on Marblehead Light from December 18, 2011 and it instantly put me in the mood for celebrating the upcoming holiday. Each year, lights are strung from atop the lighthouse adding a festive touch to Chandler Hovey Park.  I was fortunate to join the crew stringing lights one year and was amazed by their heft.  As these original incandescent lights have started to lose their luster and give out [...]

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Harbor Holidays at the Boston Yacht Club – This Weekend

For the third year in a row, I will be participating in Harbor Holidays at the Boston Yacht Club.  The public is welcome on Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  The event is open to members of the BYC (and those with reciprocity) for a preview night Friday from 6-9pm. I'll have the new 12-month 2017 calendar as well as copies of my coffee table book (with special pricing).  Also, a selection of matted prints (including the recent Boston skyline and moonrise) will be available for purchase with all print orders placed eligible for a 20% discount. If you have been overwhelmed [...]

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Light Up the Tree at St. Michael’s

Recently, I received an email asking me if I had the chance to photograph the tree in front of St. Michael's Church decorated in holiday lights.  While I had captured the trees at Abbot Hall and National Grand Bank in past Decembers, I had never noticed the tree at St. Michael's lit up for the season.  On Tuesday, I headed out before sunset hoping the clouds would break in time for me to capture a beautiful tree against an equally stunning sky.  I set up and waited, and waited but the tree never lit.  I captured a number of images of the [...]

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Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

With the parking ban in effect and unseasonably warm temperatures, I've wanted to capture images of historic downtown Marblehead for a while now.  Unfortunately, the light has been terrible with heavy cloud cover blocking any semblance of light on the streets.  Finally on Saturday morning, the weather looked promising and I left the house at 6:00am hoping for the best.  This week I plan to share images of historic downtown Marblehead captured on this early morning. My very first stop was this one on the sidewalk in front of Haley's Cafe to capture the intersection of Pleasant and Washington Streets. [...]

See the Lights of Riverside Drive

Though we moved to Marblehead in 2008, it wasn't until December 2011 that I happened upon the incredible holiday lights of Riverside Drive.  My wife had spotted them first after leaving the YMCA one night with the kids and told me about the display.  I found time on this night to visit the scenic street and capture a panorama of every house lit up with holiday lights. I actually shared a version of this shot before which I had transformed into a globe by folding it up on itself.  I decided the full panorama was actually more impressive and reworked [...]

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Light up the Lighthouse

Today's images come from Christmas Eve 2011.  I had gone out that evening (if you can consider 4:00pm evening that is) in order to shoot Marblehead Light lit up for the holidays.  I had captured a few images of the lights dangling from atop the lighthouse the previous year but had a few more images in mind.  Little did I know that this would be the best presentation of lights I would see (they seem to have dimmed significantly in each of the past few years). What's interesting is that I captured one image at the peak of sunset and, [...]

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The Menorah at Marblehead Savings Bank

I had been on the lookout for an outdoor menorah to photograph in town but a drive by Temple Emanu-El, the JCC, Sinai and Hillel came up empty.  I turned to the All Marblehead page and received the hint about Marblehead Savings Bank from Lisa Indelicato (another photographer in town).  So on the eighth night of Hanukkah, I headed out to photograph it fully lit.  I arrived at the bank a bit early but watched as the sun started its decent toward the horizon.  I realized that it might dip at just the right angle for a sun star and [...]

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