This was truly a frozen New Years Eve sunset as I braved an insanely cold wind coming off the frozen harbor to capture my last sunset of 2017.  I decided to head out in part to capture the chunks of ice that had formed along this part of the harbor and hoped the clouds would break for a nice sunset to help say ‘Goodnight 2017’.

I started off shooting around 3:40pm and only lasted 10 minutes before the cold forced me to retreat into the car.  Despite dressing warmly in multiple layers, the 20 mph winds (and -15F wind chills) made conditions almost unbearable.  After my second retreat to the car, I finally moved it and parked immediately across from this spot.  I returned when warmed and found the sky exploding in color after the sun had set below the horizon.

I decided to compose this image to include the tree at the split on the Neck as its lights had just turned on and can be seen along the trunk and main branches.  I had to time the shot between car traffic and was really happy with the final image.

Thought I was done shooting for the year but I’m glad I went out one last time to say Goodnight 2017 and capture this frozen New Years Eve sunset.

See you tomorrow at 7am for the Annual New Years Day slideshow!