Sunset at the Waters Edge

So this is a perfect example of what happens when I go out for a shoot and have decent light to play with. I shared one image from Wednesday night's outing yesterday and here is another captured 7 minutes later. I normally would have shared one favorite from this shoot and put the other in the 'to be published' archive where it might sit for weeks, months or years. Seeing the two images one after the other, it's interesting to note how different the scene appears from the same exact location but having dropped down to the waters edge here [...]

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Crocker Sunset

Last night was my first outing in weeks and this is the first 'new' photo I've been able to share since the shot of a sailboat at Redd's several weeks ago (the others have all been pulled from my to-be-published folder). I couldn't decide if tonight's sky might break at the last minute and give way to a nice sunset so I took a chance and threw my bag in the car. I quickly noticed the western sky held more promise than the view east and crossed the causeway.  I kept watch on the clouds as I drove up the [...]

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Blinded by the Light

As I looked through my archive for today's image I stopped when I hit this shot from August 1, 2018 and instantly knew the title had to be 'Blinded by the Light'. On this summer evening, the sun was perfectly positive behind Abbot Hall as it slowly set and I used the tower to break up the light and keep the scene from being blinded by the strong sunlight. Even better, the lyrics to the song include this bit: Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun But mama, that's where the fun is Seemed [...]

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Under the Cloud

After nearly ten years of Wednesdays in Marblehead, I've lost count of how many times I've shot the same scene - like this one of boats gathered at the mouth of the harbor as viewed from Fort Beach. But all it takes is one element to dramatically change the composition as in this one where the same scene changes under the cloud bathed in perfect golden light. Rather than focusing on the familiar boats, the eye wanders up to the sky and appreciates the texture and color of the cloud in a familiar landscape. Just goes to show why capturing [...]

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Summer Sunset from Village Street

I went out twice yesterday to capture photos with the second outing being a hope of a decent sunset that never did materialize. I came home and started scrolling through my archives trying to remember what a vivid sunset actually looked like after endless days of grey and found this gem from July 19, 2019. I still remember driving home with my son as the sky began to light up and then making an impromptu turn onto Village Street where I quite literally pulled over for this.  I came away with more compositions than I could share that night and [...]

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Fort Beach Reflections

We'll end the week with one of my favorite summer outings every - July 3, 2018. I had just left the Crocker Park music festival (part of the annual Marblehead Festival of Arts that has been cancelled this year). I made my way to Front Street and then up a bit where the road curves to Fort Sewall. From here I was able to capture the first part of a sunset that would end up turning pink and purple and creating an incredible display over the harbor. This was captured as the first light of the setting sun lit up [...]

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Thankful for a Thanksgiving Sunset

What a great Thanksgiving this was - started with a Friendsgiving brunch, then a come-from-behind win for the Marblehead Magicians and a pre-dinner Thanksgiving sunset! I had spotted sunlight streaming across the street as I worked on my upcoming Kickstarter campaign and then pulled up some webcams around town to find a very promising set of clouds. With that (and an hour before dinner), I headed out and towards Riverhead Beach. I started shooting from near the water before heading back up to the causeway and capturing the vibrant pink sky over the Neck. I lucked out with little traffic [...]

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September Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

I'm not quite sure what color I'm looking at in this September sunset over Marblehead harbor. This was the view I had from Crocker Park on September 4th when a storm passed just before sunset and I witnessed a huge orange sky and incredible clouds over the Neck. I had to use my widest lens in a vertical orientation and shoot a multi-image panorama to take in the full scene. I was still shooting as the light changed and, five minutes later, I was staring at this. Is it still orange? Or pink? Or pink-orange??? Whatever the color, the sky [...]

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Goodbye Summer

The Crocker Park float was pulled out over the weekend and today marks the last day of summer. Since I just finished going through all of my photos from an outing at Crocker Park on September 4th, I thought I would share this one of the float as the sky began to take on unearthly hues leading up to an incredible orange sky over Marblehead Harbor. This photo seemed a perfect way to say 'goodbye summer'. I've started to notice leaves changing colors throughout town but, with the incredible warm and dry weather, the displays appear fairly muted so far. [...]

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