Forgotten Sunset

A funny thing happened when I returned from capturing the Marblehead high school football game on Friday night. I had been shooting with two cameras and, upon importing photos from the second, I discovered this 'forgotten sunset'. I had gone out on Saturday, August 26th after spending that hot afternoon on the field in Lynn shooting the boys' football scrimmage. On the way home, I noted some incoming clouds and ventured out again as soon as the light started to change. I made it across the causeway and parked on Flint Street before doubling back and walking down Harbor Avenue [...]

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Cotton Candy Sky over Marblehead Neck

A few more images from that unexpected sunset on August 30th as I awaited the rise of the super blue moon from Front Street. I shared a tighter composition of the Corinthian which you can make out in the two shots that include Marblehead Light but ended up fascinated by the cotton candy sky over Marblehead neck as I pointed the camera deeper into the harbor. There are two very similar photos looking straight across the harbor from Fort beach but I couldn't decide which I preferred so figured would share both rather than relegating one to the 'to be [...]

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Corinthian Sunset

I spent a good part of this Saturday catching up on photos taken over the past week during a high school football scrimmage, an attempt at capturing the super blue moon rising (and then succeeding far more with its setting) as well as portraits of all 40 members of the Marblehead high school cheer team.  As I worked through the images, I found some gems from the night of August 30th as I stood along Front Street with at least 30 others waiting for the moon to rise. I had spotted some clouds near the horizon that my gut told [...]

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Lightning, Sunset and a (nearly) missed Rainbow

That was a fun night!!! I had been watching the radar all afternoon wondering if I might have a chance at capturing lightning with yet another summer storm. As the storm approached, I made my way to Devereux Beach and lucked out with a few bolts there before packing up and heading to Fort Beach. I had been watching the radar and thought I might be able to get a large bolt over the harbor but never expected the shot I got. At that point, I headed home figuring the coming rain would ruin any chance of rainbows or sunsets. [...]

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Summer Glow (or who said you have to wait for sunset anyway?)

Well, we finally had a perfect summer day with sun, humidity and great cumulus clouds. I drove around the neck at 11am taking in the view of a rapidly filling harbor with blue skies and puffy white clouds before a quick lunch from Shubies.   At 5pm, I drove my daughter to the Corinthian and, as I crossed the causeway, I spotted a break in the distant storm clouds letting in a bit of light. The clouds shifted as I drove and were too far from Abbot Hall from my view on Corinthian Lane so I doubled back and stopped [...]

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Red Sun over Marblehead Harbor

I bought a new photography related gadget and had gone out on Saturday night to test it out with the sunset cannon. The device worked fairly well but I had some more issues to work out so I headed out again with a plan to capture the Corinthian's cannon fire. As I crossed the causeway, I spotted a setting red sun in the rearview mirror and decided on a quick stop in front of the Eastern. I had a perfect spot from which to capture the setting sun and fired away as it made its way through cloud cover. At [...]

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Sunset for the Birds

I went out last night as my now two sunset predicting apps had very different ideas about whether I could expect a nice showing. I crossed the causeway and kept driving until Harvard Street where it seemed the sun would set immediately behind Abbot Hall. As I watched the sun descend and the clouds turn an orange hue, I was surprised to see hundreds of birds flying before me. Normally, I would wait for a break in the bird flight to capture the scene but the seagulls were so plentiful that I thought I would try to capture a frame [...]

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Sunset over the Gap

Continuing in the series of images captured on Sunday, November 6th while out to shoot the moonrise, here is a wider shot than yesterday's. The clouds had shifted and darkened So I moved closer to Grace Oliver Beach from my earlier spot up Crowninshield Road and zoomed out for this wider view that encompassed the beach, Peach's Point and Brown's Island. That sunset over the gap of water was the clincher though...

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Up Crowninshield Road (first of five in a series from an unexpectedly great outing – longish post)

This was such a fun and unexpected outing that I wanted to share a bit about my thoughts leading up to and during this amazing shoot - this might be a bit long... So it is Sunday, November 5th and daylight savings time has just ended leading to what always feels like the longest day of the year. I had thought about shooting the moonrise in large part because the timing of the full moon on Tuesday night, while perfect in relation to sunset, would take place at 4:35pm while I was still at work. I hate most things about [...]

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Low Tide at Parker Lane

Summer may be nearing an end with school starting today but that doesn't mean that warm sunsets are done for the year... I decided to look 'forward' by checking my To Be Posted folder for images captured in September and found this one taken almost exactly one year ago on September 8, 2021. It was low tide when I stopped at the end of Parker Lane and made my way down to the 'beach' (not really a beach if it only appears at low enough tide). I took turns shooting with the sun in the frame and without and tried [...]

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