I have had this image of pond skating at Redd’s in mind for years and was so thrilled to have finally captured it. In 2010, Vincent Laforet captured an aerial image of skaters at Rockefeller center from a helicopter and what struck me about the shot was the shadows telling the story of what each skater was doing.

I considered hiring my own helicopter or plane for a similar image over Redds Pond but that held too many complications and variables.  A few years ago, drones came on the market but the early ones had cameras better suited for video than still photography and so I passed on those as well.  Last Fall, a drone with a great camera finally came to market and I bought it and waited for winter. I capture a lot of images of that first winter but never had the right conditions for this aerial image of pond skating at Redds.

As this arctic winter took hold, I though my chance might finally come only to be hit with day after day of cloudy skies. When we did have a chance sunny day, the pond would turn out to be empty of any skaters.

Finally, on New Years Day, everything fell into place – blue skies, sun at a nice angle to create long shadows and, on a quick drive by Redds, plenty of kids and adults enjoying a day of skating. I drove straight home to grab my gear and returned. The wind was steady and thankfully moving parallel to the pond so I ascended over the boat yard and hovered a hundred feet in the air to capture the view of ice skaters on the frozen pond as well as the harbor beyond.

I snapped photo after photo until my fingers went numb hoping for a nice collection of shadows. This was easily my favorite and allowed me to realize an image seven years in the making.