Celebrating General Glover’s Birthday

I've walked along Glover's Regiment and captured their annual march in honor of General Glover's Birthday on three prior occasions but each year feels like a new experience. This year I was running late so missed the march but made it to Old Burial Hill in time to hear Seamus Daly recount the life of John Glover and then managed one perfect frame of the three volley salute.   My ears are still ringing...

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Top 10 of 2022 – #3 Fire for Independence

This is the first year in which I have had two sets of images captured on the same day make it into my top 10 list. On July 4th, I had made it out to Fort Sewall for the dedication of the newly renovated fort and to capture Glover's Regiment firing their new cannon. It was incredibly hot that day and I only had a few firings to make sure I had my settings dialed in correctly. As I quickly discovered, not every shot included a plume of fire as some were simple smoke shots. By the time the last [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #4 Gathered for the Show

I have been capturing images of Marblehead's annual fireworks show since moving here in May 2008 and, in that time, have found that my favorite images are those with people in the frame. While I have shot from both sides of the harbor, I had not yet been able to shoot at low tide from Fort Beach until this year. I ended up shooting from several locations on the Fourth of July but came back to Fort Beach for the finale and set up this composition making sure to include Marblehead Light and the edge of Fort Sewall as well [...]

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Sunset Cannon at the BYC

Thursday turned out to be a great day in Marblehead. I had switched my day off and my wife and I were invited out to a short cruise out of the BYC by our friends and former neighbors. We had a quick trip out of the harbor and a faster return (wine glasses were forgotten) but the light was absolutely perfect and I came away with about 20 keepers that I'll have to share in the weeks to come (at least one or two this week too). After the cruise, we ate dinner and I excused myself as a nice [...]

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Gathered for the Show

So this was my other favorite from last night's Independence Day fireworks celebration in Marblehead. I had started off at Lovis Cove but then moved over to Fort Beach after 10 minutes as I knew people had gathered on the rocks there with it being low tide. I found over the years that some of my favorite images were those in which I included people who were watching the show and this year, that seemed all the more important. With the first fireworks in Marblehead since 2018, it was a joy to watch people gathered again to celebrate something as [...]

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Moonrise Paddle

I headed out tonight in the hopes of capturing the super flower full moon (when did moon names get so long?).  I had checked its expected location and decided to shoot from the recently renovated Fort Sewall only I did not pay attention to the time and arrive almost an hour early for the 7:40pm rise. I ended up crossing the causeway to shoot back towards Abbot Hall but the clouds filled the sky too quickly for a nice shot there. Once back at the Fort, I set up only to realize I had missed my mark and quickly moved [...]

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Uncle Sid and the Horribles Parade

After a one year hiatus and thanks to the National Grand Bank, the annual Horribles Parade was back on the Fourth of July. I used to bring my kids to this every year and they would scamper for thrown candy. They may have aged out of the tradition but I certainly haven't... As has been tradition, Uncle Sid led the parade with music and a patriotic outfit. There is a video on my IG and FB accounts from the parade which I had shared live and then saved to those social accounts if you want a live view of the [...]

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Watching the Boats Pass By

I didn't get a chance to shoot the Halloween Race this year but happened upon this image in my 'to be published' folder and figured it would make for a good start to the day. I shot the race in October 2018 from along Foster Street and mostly tried capturing the boats with their colorful sails as they criss-crossed the harbor. When I spotted two men on a float talking and then stopping to watch the boats pass by, I quickly recomposed and included them in the final shot. Instead of a two layered image with boats against the backdrop [...]

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Surfs Up Marblehead

Hurricane Teddy will miss the Eastern coast of the United States but is forecast to bring us high seas and strong winds that should create amazing surfing conditions today.  According to, Devereux Beach is supposed to hit a perfect 10 rating tonight with 15 foot wave heights and low tide conditions. I will definitely be heading to the beach with my longest lens hoping to capture a few surfers taking advantage of the conditions... Surfs Up Marblehead!

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Under the Friday Night Lights

And another throwback to simpler times and recalling the joy of a Marblehead High School football game under the Friday night lights.  This shot was captured on September 7, 2018 when my daughter's then 5th grade Marblehead cheer team attended the game in full uniform.  I captured a few shots of the game from the fence but also took this shot of the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Again, at the time, the image was relegated to the 'to be published' folder but now brings back memories of fun evenings under the lights. Football may end up more interesting with its [...]

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