That was a surprisingly nice moonrise. I had little hope for seeing let alone capturing the full worm moon tonight given the cloud cover and timing of the moonrise (5:17pm).

I left my Danvers office at 5:00pm and drove straight to Surf Street where I had mapped out the moon rise to take place over Tinkers Island. As luck would have it, I hit every green light and arrived at my location at 5:29pm just as the full moon was rising above the cloud cover. I had enough time to setup my camera with its longest lens on the tripod and compose this shot before the full worm moon appeared at 5:31pm.

I had to decide on a wider view that included all of Tinkers (and included a smaller appearing moon) vs this super zoomed one with the large moon and half of Tinkers. In the end, the moon won out and I am pretty happy with how this came out.

I’ll be holed up tomorrow during the torrential rains but hope to capture some high surf Saturday. ¬†Stay safe and dry!