My first stop on Saturday was Devereux Beach and, even at two hours before high tide, Ocean Avenue leading to the causeway was beginning to fill with ocean water from spillover. I parked on Beach Street instead and walked carefully across to the Riverhead side and onto one of the floats.  From there I waited for breaks in the light rain and used my longest lens to shoot the shelter at Devereux Beach.

The shelter served as a perfect subject to frame the power of the ocean and oncoming waves. I watched as the waves barreled up the incline of beach and raced under and through the wooden supports. In this shot, you can make out another large wave forming a perfect barrel and highlighting the power of the storm.

An hour later, I was atop Cliff Street and shot back towards the shelter. By now, the waves were hitting with even more force and the height of the water on both sides of the causeway was astonishing. All told, the causeway closed for seven consecutive high tides but it appears the shelter at Devereux beach made it through nature’s worst and will be there to welcome everyone come summer.

The view from Cliff Street:

The shelter at Devereux Beach withstands the full brunt of the storm as the rising waters gather around it