This year’s Marblehead high school carnival at Devereux Beach took place under the best conditions in at least the past ten years (since we moved to town).  While the near-perfect weather meant for busy days and nights for kids in town, it meant far less interesting photo opportunities than I’ve had in years past.  Without puddles for reflections or fog to create a compelling mood, I had about given up on any photos this year.

On Saturday afternoon, I headed to the carnival where my son and daughter were hanging out with friends (now too old to hang with dad). I caught a few shots of them and then found this Classic Photos booth that was new to the carnival. I explored the photo booth from a few angles and then spotted three teenagers heading towards it. I chose my spot and took this shot as they piled in to capture some Classic Photos at the carnival.

Having taken the photo in mid-day sun, I gained nice shadows but felt the bright colors of the sky and large focus area detracted from the point of interest. I converted the image to black and white and added blur to accentuate the lone photo booth in the midst of a busy carnival.