Abbot over the Flares – Annual Harbor Illumination

  • Abbot Hall stands tall over the flares circling the water during the annual harbor illumination in Marblehead

Fireworks are used to celebrate Independence Day in just about every town in the United States but the annual harbor illumination makes Marblehead a truly unique spot to celebrate the birth of this country.

I had decided to shoot the show from the causeway this year in large part because it offered some new vantage points for capturing the red flares encircling the harbor. At 8:45pm the red lights began to glow and hit their peak at 9:00pm. I was able to capture images of Marblehead Light, Fort Sewall, and this one of Abbot Hall standing tall over the flares along Cliff Street.

I have a few more vantage points to share in the days to come. ¬†Stay tuned…

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