Well, that was by far the most difficult fireworks show I have ever captured! I may have jinxed myself earlier in the night when I explained to friends that a big reason why I shoot the annual Fourth of July show is the challenge of capturing these moments.

This year, I had come up with a great plan to shoot from atop the Corinthian Yacht Club. I had met with the general manager earlier in the week and scouted out some rooms with windows offering various vantage points.

Tonight, I biked across the causeway and arrived early to set up only to find the fireworks show was delayed with a start time after 9:30pm presumably as the company waited for fog to clear. As the show began, the sky erupted in color but it was very difficult to make out the individual flares.

By the end of the show, I had very few usable frames of which this was the best with a clear view of Marblehead Light and the sky and harbor cast in a red glow from these fireworks in the fog.

Happy Independence Day!