Unbelievable Moonrise

  • An unbelievable moonrise over Chandler Hovey Park with a larger than life supermoon made more so with a super telephoto lens

The full moon will rise tonight at 8:10pm and I won’t be able to shoot it so I thought I would share an image of the moon from my to be published folder. I dove into my folder and looked through all the moon shots until I stopped at this unbelievable moonrise.

I have to admit that the first thing I thought was ‘that can’t be real’. I honestly thought I had played with a composite and that was why it had not been shared. I looked back at the original file and, sure enough, the moon really was that large.

The reason for the larger-than-life moon was in part to it being a supermen but more so to the super telephoto lens (400mm) used to capture it.  I shot this from near Gregory Street and Catherine Lane when I stole across my book designer’s backyard (thanks Amy!!!) and shot this in the freezing cold of a January evening.  The compression from shooting the lighthouse from 5,000 feet away makes the moon appear even bigger than normal and created this final effect.

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