On Saturday, I was shooting boats in the harbor with hints of foliage across the water. As the sun began to set, the sky behind the causeway took on interesting shapes and colors and I turned to capture one of the lamp posts along the causeway. I had rented a lens and was putting it through its paces to see if I might want to purchase it. The lens offered me a 200mm focal length and a very fast f/2.8 aperture and I used that combination to focus on the lamp post. As much would have it, a seagull passed as I was set up and I captured it with wings up as it passed.

On arriving home and after working on a few photos, I asked my wife what she thought. Her response – ‘it looks like you used Portrait Mode on your iPhone’…  Here I am standing on the causeway with a not insignificant amount of money, time and effort spent in perfecting the craft of photography and the end result is equated with a two second point and click on an iPhone.

While on the causeway, I couldn’t help but notice that another lamp post had its bulb broken (by a storm I presume). Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.