One year ago on a truly arctic morning at the end of December, I made my way to Front Street and captured sea smoke inside Marblehead Harbor. Since moving to Marblehead in 2008, I’ve been fascinated by the phenomenon of sea smoke – literal steam coming off the ocean when an arctic air mass lies above the water.  The smoke has appeared as early as late December or as late as mid-February.

On this particular morning, the combination of very cold air and relatively warm water allowed smoke to appear inside Marblehead Harbor. I had only seen this once before and never to this extent. I ended up capturing the smoke in front of the Corinthian Yacht Club as the sun backlit and accentuated the tendrils.  I was even able to shoot the Eastern with significant smoke in front of its facade…I’ll have to share that one another time.

We haven’t had any sea smoke yet this winter and so I thought I would share this image today.