Corinthian Yacht Club

Golden Masts in Marblehead Harbor

This seemed like a good image to finish off the week with a view of golden masts in Marblehead Harbor reflecting the last glow of sunset.  I had gone out on June 22nd in the hopes of capturing a nice sunset and was treated to a very nice pink-orange one.  I had decided to set up with my 'real' camera as well as launch the Phantom 4 Pro and I took turns composing images from above and below as the sun set and washed Marblehead in beautiful light. While the sun was still above the horizon, I concentrated on capturing [...]

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Rime Ice at the Corinthian

Last Valentine's Day was the coldest of the entire Winter and resulted in incredible sea smoke conditions within Marblehead Harbor.  I captured numerous scenes that morning and ended up at the Corinthian just before 8am where I found rime ice had formed over the rocks near the base of the yacht club. I composed this image to include the rime ice in the foreground, sea smoke over the water (which had turned into confluent fog at that point) and Abbot Hall in the distance.  Thankfully, this Valentine's Day was much warmer than the one in 2016.

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Hunter Moon over the Corinthian

Tonight's full Hunter moon was dubbed a supermoon for its proximity to Earth and larger than average appearance in the night sky.  I had plotted out its projected rise from multiple locations in town but was hoping for a new composition rather than relying on a shot of it coming up against Marblehead Light.  I had captured the moon rising over the Eastern Yacht Club once before and so I plotted the perfect spot from which to shoot theHunter moon over the Corinthian tonight. I set up at Crocker Park and shot the surprisingly nice sunset with views looking back toward the [...]

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Corinthian Yacht Club on a late Summer Evening

The Corinthian Yacht Club was organized over 130 years ago and stands along Corinthian Lane as the Neck curves into Marblehead Harbor.  On the evening of September 20, I had gone out to capture the late Summer fog that had rolled into the harbor and decided on shooting from Corinthian Lane (and the shores below) in what would turn out to be a perfect spot to capture an incredible sunset. Before the sun set, the subtle fog in the harbor served to soften the evening light and set a nice glow on the facade of the Corinthian Yacht Club.  While [...]

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Still Waters at Sunset

On Friday night, I headed out at sunset hoping to catch a beautiful sunset light up the evening sky.  Clouds had filled the sky as the day progressed but a small break near the horizon offered the chance for sunlight to shine through and set the clouds on fire. As luck would have it, the break in the clouds closed as the sun set and I had to make due with a more subdued blue light in the night sky.  As it happened, Marblehead Harbor was very calm and I decided to close down the aperture on the camera and [...]

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A Night at the Corinthian Yacht Club

My wife and I are headed out to opening night at the Dolphin Yacht Club this evening which led me to hunt through the archive for images of the yacht clubs in Marblehead to feature this morning.  Unfortunately, I don't have any of the Dolphin's facade yet (hoping to remedy that soon enough) but I did find this image of the Corinthian Yacht Club taken at the end of July 2015. I had gone out on this night to shoot the blue moon and found myself in position a bit early.  With that opportunity, I sought out compositions across the [...]

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Christmas in Marblehead – Last Light on Marblehead Light

When I go out to shoot the town of Marblehead, it is not uncommon for me to find at least five different compositions in good light and then have to select one to share and place others in the archive.  On this day, I had set up at the pier of the Pleon Yacht Club which offered me a number of photographic possibilities.  This week, I wanted to share five different images captured from 3:45pm to 4:05pm on Christmas in Marblehead. As the light began to fade, I moved to the right edge of the pier and composed this image [...]

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The Corinthian Moon

On Sunday evening, the Harvest moon was labeled as a supermoon due to its proximity to the Earth and everyone was abuzz about the total lunar eclipse that was to take place later that night.  I had gone out to shoot the Harvest moon rising over Marblehead Neck the night before but it came up a bit too early for a nice golden glow to reflect off its surface.  On Sunday, I knew I would go out later at night and had just put some chicken on the grill when I looked at the clear sky and made some quick [...]

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Old Glory and the Corinthian

On the same night in which I captured an image of rocks along this section of Marblehead Neck abutting the harbor, I found a number of other interesting compositions.  This one was taken just a few minutes earlier when I made my way past a private pier and noticed Old Glory flying high overhead.  As I looked around for a composition, I found this spot where the Corinthian Yacht Club can be seen through the pylons of the pier and its flag can just be made out juxtaposed with Old Glory. The flying flag and warm light convey the heat [...]

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Windows to the Harbor

Sunday, June 21st was Fathers Day and, after spending the day with my wife and two kids, I decided to treat myself to a photo shoot.  I had a particular spot in mind for that day - though you'll have to wait until Wednesday to see it. As I explored this part of Marblehead Neck, I wandered down to the edge of Nahant Street.  I've photographed this area on a few occasions previously but on this day, the tide was perfect for using the rocky outcropping as a frame.  I composed the image to also include the Corinthian Yacht Club [...]