One more shot of the full moon that rose on the first day of Spring. I had decided to shoot the moonrise from Fort Sewall and was really hoping it would appear low on the horizon to frame it behind Childrens Island. Thick haze forced me to shoot a different composition which I was happy with and, after capturing the shot, I decided to head back to my car.

On the way down the hill, I kept looking back over my shoulder and stopped in front of Fort Beach when I spotted the moon positioned behind the great tree at the entrance to the fort. I quickly set up for this shot of the full moon rising over Fort Sewall.

In the past nine years of capturing images of Marblehead, I’ve only shot this composition one other time and was stuck with cloud cover on that occasion back in February 2012. It was nice to be able to revisit this shot on a slightly warmer March evening.

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