This is the image I had hoped to capture when I left the house on Saturday night (the second night of the annual Marblehead carnival). I was disappointed (but not surprised) by the low attendance on Friday night and, as I mentioned in the weekend post, had learned the carnival hadn’t even opened on Thursday night due to cold and rain.

Finally on Saturday, we had a break in the rain that has plagued Marblehead for some 25 of the past 31 days. With the break in the rain, the crowds were far more impressive on Saturday night and I set up along the midway to capture the rides, the signage and the teenagers walking along the sand.  I had been set up with my tripod at this spot in front of the Round Up ride for some time but could not get all three elements to come together – both rides spinning and a decent crowd. I was starting to wonder if I would lose my chance to capture this image in the transient blue hour when the Zipper finally started up.

I shot a few frames with a slowed shutter speed (1/15th of a second) to introduce some motion blur into the rides and the teenagers walking on the midway. With the signage on the right glowing and that hint of a reflection of the Zipper ride in the puddle, I was really happy with this final image.

While shooting this, one of the carnival workers (owners?) stopped to chat. He informed me they had just purchased a new Ferris wheel that would be part of next year’s carnival. If you haven’t attended the Marblehead carnival in a few years, circle the first weekend of May 2020 on your calendar now. The new Ferris wheel sounds awesome and I can’t wait to shoot it.