Sunday, September 1st was the first time I had been out to capture new photos in nearly a month and, with the nice cloud cover, I decided to bring along my drone. I had flown the drone only once in the past year having spent much of 2017 and 2018 exploring Marblehead from the air. I had realized that the drone offered other possibilities than simply shooting from 100-400 feet in the air and had an idea in mind when I drove out to the Neck.

I arrived to find the parking lot at Chandler Hovey packed on this Labor Day weekend and lucked out with the last spot. I flew from the back of the lot and hovered 15 feet above sea level while exploring the rocky shores of Chandler Hovey Park. I stopped at this point where I was able to compose an image using the shore as a leading (jagged) line directing the viewer towards Marblehead Light. As luck would have it, two sailboats were exiting the harbor to take advantage of perfect weather conditions and I included them in the final image.