Chandler Hovey park

Light Up the Moon

The full moon rose almost three weeks ago and I'm only now finding time to share this image from the night. I had captured a deep red full moon just before 8pm while there was still a bit of light in the evening sky and shared that one immediately. A few minutes later, the moon had disappeared behind a low bank of clouds and I sought a new composition. I was able to predict a spot along Front Street from which I could capture this shot of the full moon behind Marblehead Light. I couldn't be sure of it's exact [...]

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View from the Top of Marblehead Light

After capturing yesterday's image of Optis sailing during Junior Race week, I returned to Chandler Hovey Park and decided to do a quick loop around the lighthouse. I have shot a close up of Marblehead Light from the other side looking toward the harbor and Abbot Hall but failed to explore other angles. In this view, I came close enough to the top of Marblehead Light so that its entire lantern room was in the frame and then found this spot from which Childrens Island could be spotted in the distance. You can make out the same group of Optis [...]

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Sunset on the Water

I mentioned in Tuesday's image of sunset captured on Sunday that I had flown my drone to try for aerial views while also taking turns shooting the scene from the ground. This image was taken 10 minutes prior to yesterday's when the sun had just started to drop and painted the horizon in a soft glow. I made sure there were no boats nearby and descended to a little over 50 feet above sea level to capture a view of sunset on the water with Marblehead Light marking the opening of Marblehead harbor. I'm curious which you prefer - this [...]

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Sunday Sunsets at the Lighthouse

Sunday was a very full day with my family enjoying perfect weather on Father's Day. After dinner, I decided to head out to Chandler Hovey Park on the chance of capturing a nice sunset to cap the weekend. I arrived at the start of this show and shot it from the air and ground almost simultaneously. This was my favorite image from the ground and reminded me that there is no better way to end a weekend in Marblehead than enjoying sunday sunsets at the lighthouse.

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The Brick Oil House and Abbot Hall

On October 22nd, I followed the clouds and light to Chandler Hovey Park only to watch the sun disappear behind the thickening clouds before putting on a proper show.  As I walked back to the car, I looked back and spotted this composition I had not previously captured.  There was something appealing about the two brick structures - the brick oil house and Abbot Hall on either ends of the frame with a bare tree in between.

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Lightning Strikes Twice in Marblehead

In mid-September, an active lightning storm passed over Marblehead shortly after sunset.  I had setup my longest lens inside the car due to the frequent bolts of lightning shining in the night sky and aimed at Chandler Hovey Park hoping for the best while mashing on the shutter button (well, the remote button to minimize shake...). As it happened, I lucked out and caught not one but two separate bolts.  I shared the second capture as soon as I came home but this was the first bolt that appeared on my screen.  The exposure on this one was a bit [...]

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Weathered by Time

I captured today's image at the end of June but have been staring at the color version of it for a while wondering why I hadn't bothered to share it.  Last week, as I converted another image to black and white, I decided to do the same with this image of a tree weathered by time and flanked by benches on Chandler Hovey Park.  The black and white served to accentuate the textures in the tree, bench and sky while helping with the too bright light of this pre-sunset image.

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Lightning Strikes Marblehead Light

So the title above 'lightning strikes Marblehead Light' may be a bit of creative license but when I saw this bolt and the image on the back of my camera's monitor, I just about lost my mind.  A bit about the shot: What an incredible lightning storm we just had pass through town!  I saw the sky darken as we finished dinner and ran out the door when I saw the radar image of the storm.  I quickly decided that Front Street offered me the best view and wondered if I might get a lucky shot of a lightning strike [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

As the sun set on September 10th, I quickly flew my drone back from its spot over the green buoy at the mouth of the harbor to Chandler Hovey Park.  I returned just in time to angle the camera toward the familiar landmark of Marblehead Light and lucked out with a slight gust of wind that set the flag flying in the air. It wasn't until I returned home that I discovered the best part of the image - silhouettes of people enjoying and catching the sunset themselves.  As you look around the scene, you'll find a number of silhouettes [...]

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