In a few days, the full Hunters moon will rise. As I was looking for an image to share from my ‘to be posted’ archive, I happened upon this view of the Hunters moon rising over the Corinthian Yacht Club from the vantage point of Crocker Park.

When I shot this scene in 2016, I ended up really liking the image captured 6 minutes earlier when the moon crested over the CYC. I shared that one the same night and left this one for a later date. As the moon rose and the light faded, I had to decide on exposing for the moon (and ending up with a very dark tree and harbor) or for the foreground. I chose the former and opened up the aperture to help focus the viewer’s eye on the tree and benches as the perfect spot from which to view this moonrise.

If the clouds break, I plan on returning to this spot this weekend to shoot the moon once more.

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